Drew Barrymore to Direct Eclipse?

I have been reading up on my Twilight happenings (Google News keyword Twilight), and I can’t seem to escape this.  Everywhere has Drew Barrymore in the director’s chair for Eclipse.  I love Drew, and she is an excellent director, but I don’t see her as a good pick for Eclipse or any of the movies for that matter.  She is too lovable, and I don’t think she would capture the mood as well.

Why couldn’t we stick with a single director, expand the budget and keep the movies similar through the saga?

I am almost afraid to see New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I’m scared they might be too different from the mood and feeling of Twilight.

~ Jeremy

New Moon Logo Revealed


I like it. The color is different, and there has been some speculation that is to show the contrast of this movie to Twilight. The Twilight logo was blue (I thought it was silver, but whatev) signifying coldness (read: Edward Cullen) and the New Moon logo is a warmer yellow to represent heat (Jacob Black). Kinda clever, I guess.

“The Twilight Saga” part on the top was added for people that aren’t hardcore fans of the series so they know this is the sequel to the first movie. To that I say, even people who aren’t fans should know the name of the next movie unless they live under a rock in a cave in the bottom of the ocean.

The sliver of the moon at the bottom is a little confusing because technically a new moon phase isn’t even visible. It’s just all black. There would be no sliver at all to see.

Nevertheless, I’m still very excited for the movie. 268 days to go!


Chapter Discussions: Twilight, Chapter Four – Invitations


Oh so conflicted...

Oh so conflicted...

It’s time for another Chapter Discussions post over Twilight. This time it’s Chapter Four, Invitations. These questions come from the hilarious blog Lauren’s Bite and the Twilight Lexicon forums.

1. Why do you think Bella doesn’t want to go to the spring dance? She could easily just have said to anyone, “Let’s just go as friends”. Why is it that from day one, none of the boys appealed to her?

I know none of the boys appealed to her because she had seen Edward the first day of school. After that, who could compare to him? I don’t think she could even have gone with anyone else even as friends because she was so attached to Edward even at the beginning.

2. Bella asks Edward if he has multiple personality disorder because he either seems to be overly friendly or sarcastic moments apart. To what did you attribute Edward’s odd behavior?

I knew Edward was treating Bella that way because he was having conflicting feelings about her. He wanted to be around her, she was all he could think of, but he also knows for sure that to give in to what he wants and be with her would mean bad things for Bella. He’s trying to decide to keep her close or push her away.


1. Why do you think Bella doesn’t want to go to the spring dance? She could easily just have said to anyone, “Let’s just go as friends”. Why is it that from day one, none of the boys appealed to her?

This is almost a two part analysis.  Bella was way more mature than any of the children at her school.  Edward and she were on similar maturity levels, and it only makes since to like him, and not the other boys.

2. Bella asks Edward if he has multiple personality disorder because he either seems to be overly friendly or sarcastic moments apart. To what did you attribute Edward’s odd behavior?

Being a boy, I know why guys play like they hate y0u, then also a few minutes later, they like you.  It was pretty simple to me why he was acting like that, even though i thought it was pretty childish… like something i would do. He didn’t want to admit he liked her.


Rob At The Oscars: My Thoughts


He's so clean!

He's so clean!

7:25-I just got home from Jessie’s house ( I had a fun weekend, bitch!) just in time to see the Oscars begin. Just in time to find out Rob was spotted on the carpet and I missed him. I saw the pic on Perez and all I can say is RAWR! He looks so hot, especially showered and shaved!

Vid of him walking the carpet, looking F-I-N-E

Here he is being interviewed by Ryan. Why did you acknowledge him, Rob? He said you had no personality! You should have pulled a Brangelina and snubbed him!

8:00- No Rob yet. The guy who won for Best Original Screenplay for Milk was very moving though. I kinda want to cry.

8:29- THEY JUST SHOWED ROB!!! But only for like 15 seconds! I scrambled for Jeremy’s camera phone and managed to start recording before he talked, I think.  He’ll be back, right? RIGHT?! That trick from Mama Mia was with him, not Kristen. A little boo to that. He looked so sexy and smoldering. Plus, I loved how they showed parts of Twilight for their montage of Romance in 2008. 

8:40- I hate Jessica Biel. She’s with my other husband, Justin Timberlake. Where was he? After her speech, they announced that coming up were two of the biggest young stars of 2008. Rob and Kristen? They wouldn’t show him twice, would they?

8:44- James Franco and Seth Rogan are hilarious!

8:54- WTF? Beyonce? That was a surprise. 

8:56- Double WTF? Zac and Vanessa? The girl from Mama Mia again with some guy? I’m not gonna lie, everyone sounds great. I love the part from “Over The Rainbow” at the end.

8:58- Heard before the commercial break, “Coming up, one of the biggest action stars of 2008.” Twilight can be considered an action movie, right?

9:08- I’m so glad Heath Ledger won. He totally deserved it. So sad and sweet. Everyone is trying not to cry.

9:25- So Will Smith is the action star. I totally love him, but where’s Rob???

9:54- Zac Efron needs a haircut. 

10:11-  The in memoriam part of these awards always kill me. Queen Latifah singing one of the saddest sweetest songs ever is making it so much more poignant.  A lot of people died this year. I’m a little surprised they didn’t include anything about Heath Ledger though. I wonder why.

10:21- Slumdog Millionaire won pretty much everything.

10:37- Kate Winslet made me cry. I’m glad she won. I’ve loved her since Sense and Sensibility

10:38- Adrien Brody? I would totally hit that. Even though he needs a shower and a haircut.

10:42- ROB! ROB! ROB! He was sitting right behind Mickey Rourke!! OMG he looked so freaking hot I couldn’t even look at the person the camera was focused on! The camera was perfectly situated so that he was right in the frame perfectly! He looked so serious, bored and tired at the same time! I wish I was his date. That 30 seconds of Rob closeup made all this time I’ve been sitting here worth it. Hopefully next year, Rob is nominated for a few of his own for Little Ashes.

10:55- OK so the Oscars are officially over. We were promised a Twilight presence “more than once”. What the H? Oh well, Rob looked delicious, and I’m pretty satisfied.

30 Days to Go…

There is still a little more than a month before the DVD is released (can’t the days go by faster?) and so I wanted to share with you guys the scenes from the movie I cannot WAIT to view on my own T.V in my own home, where I can rewind again and again, and press pause as needed (like in the sparkling scene where his shirt is unbuttoned!) These are all in order as they happened. Oh, and if you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to be surprised, don’t read this, obvs. I’m showing clips below. In fact, if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie and want to, you shouldn’t read anything on this site. I don’t want to spoil you.

First up on my fave part list is the first appearance of Edward (in the cafeteria, not in the woods during the first minute of the movie). When I saw this for the first time during the midnight showing, the excitement over this scene was very apparent. Everyone collectively squeed and broke into applause at the same time. If you didn’t go, this is how people were conducting themselves in a public place because of a glimpse at Edward Cullen. You might want to turn your speakers down.


Anyway, this movie clip isn’t the best since it cuts off before one of the good parts (the sexy scowl he gives when he notices Bella looking at him), but I’m still happy it’s on youtube for my enjoyment. Also, Jasper makes me laugh in this clip.

Next is the first biology scene, when Edward was all bugging out. This clip first begins as Bella walks in front of the fan, and the Edward’s reaction as Bella’s scent blew toward him was priceless. As they say on the LTR,  it looks like he…http://letterstorob.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/this-really-never-happens-you-can-take-my-word/ But let’s be serious now. Edward wanted to kill her and hated her on sight. My favorite parts are at :43 and :51. He looks so sexy when he’s angry! I also love when he storms out past her in the office.


Next up is the OTHER biology scene, when Edward actually speaks to Bella for the first time and they are lab partners. I love this part for so many reasons. First, that “Hello” he gives her just slays me. So polite (human guys, take note). I also love Bella’s reaction, amazed that someone so beautiful is actually talking to her, and not only that, but wants to know as much as he can about her. How she made it through class without melting into puddle, I don’t know. 

This particular clip is nice since it also includes the next best part of the movie, the van accident. I said in an earlier post that the chapter of the book when this happens is one of my favorite out of the whole series. I was really looking forward to seeing this in the movie, and I was not disappointed. I love the instant after it happens, when they both turn to look at each other with equal amounts of “WTF just happened?” looks (Rob also looks so freaking hot in this scene I can’t stand it).

This clip is a little shaky at first, and the entire time there is a guy with spiky hair (Edward?) at the bottom right.

Next is the second cafeteria scene where Edward tries to warn Bella away from him, saying one of the best lines EVER. “What if I’m not the hero, what if I’m the bad guy?” *SWOON* My mom had told me about this line before I had even read the book, and I was like, “That’s pretty hot.” before I even read it. It’s one of my favorite quotes from the whole series.

This clip kinda sucks because all I can find on youtube is the trailer that contained this clip.

Then there is the trip to Port Angeles, where Edward swoops down in his silver Volvo (now my dream car) and saves Bella. This was another part in the movie where everyone cheered out loud. I love this part because Edward is just so angry at the thought of Bella getting hurt, and I love when she tells him to put his seatbelt on and he laughs.

You know what’s next. The restaurant, the first date. Rob and Kristen do great in this one, and I love that Rob’s song “Never Think” is playing in the background. He reveals to her that he can read minds, (“Money, sex, cat”) but not hers. The part at 1:53 makes me want to cry because he’s so unhappy with what he is and he knows he should stay away from her, but he can’t  make himself do it. This scene is definitely one of the best.

Next up is the scene where Bella tells Edward she knows what he is. “Say it. Out loud.” I have a button from HT with that quote on it. This scene is great because Edward does pretty much everything he can to scare Bella away from him now that she knows, and she still doesn’t leave him.

We will not talk about the meadow scene since I was VERY upset at how we got jipped. There was a good chunk of the important dialogue between them missing. It’s a sore subject with me. Moving on..

My next favorite part is the baseball scene. If I had to choose, I would say this is my favorite part of the movie. I love the music, the action, the look on Edward’s face before he runs for the ball, all of it. It’s fun to see all the Cullen’s interacting as a family and having fun. I wish this scene had gone on longer, and the bad vamps didn’t show up until later.  Also, Jasper looks pretty damn hot when it’s his turn to bat. I know it’s going to pretty much impossible, but more Jasper in New Moon please? 


Y’all, I forgot to put in the kissing scene. I don’t know is wrong with me. How could I have forgotten it? Thanks to Unintended Choice for pointing this out to me!

It should be pretty obvious why this one is the favorite of nearly every fangirl out there. First he says, “I just want to try one thing. Don’t move.” Then it takes them…f..o…r…e…v…e…r to actually touch lips. This was a very well acted scene but I have to say, if it was me, there would be no acting involved. This kiss was very intense. I felt slightly uncomfortable watching this while sitting by my mom when we went to the movies. The part when he throws her down on the bed…there are no words for that. It’s pretty much the hottest thing I have ever seen IN MY LIFE.


Finally, the prom scene. Edward/Rob looks hot in a tux (like there would be any doubt). The music as they are dancing is so sweet, it reminds me of a song at prom in the 50’s. It’s so beyond romantic when he lifts her up so she’s standing on his feet so they can dance. I love when he fakes her out and pretends he’s going to bite her but instead kisses her throat *swoon* (this clip doesn’t show that part, idk why) and when he says, “Is it not enough to have a long and happy life with me?”

So hopefully these clips are enough to tide us over for a month. I’m also hoping Twilight will hit the dollar theater we have nearby soon. They will seeing me around a lot.


Rob Sighting Today!


Love the scruff!

Love the scruff!

Robert Pattinson is finally back in the U.S and was spotted in L.A today.Thanks to LTR for the hot pic and the happy news! The hair is growing back nicely, eh? And I’m loving the beard too. It all works.

Some Good News, Rob Will Be A Presenter At The Oscars


One of the hottest pictures ever, I'm pretty sure (had to change the pic, but the caption still fits)


I’m pretty glad this hasn’t turned out to be a rumor! It has been confirmed that Rob is going to be a presenter at the Oscars on February 22nd and this is pretty exciting news! When I first read about the “Twilight presence” expected at the show, I was thinking it was most likely going to be Kristen Stewart, or maybe one of the older actors from the movie. I didn’t dare to hope that it would actually be The Hotness himself!

No one is sure yet who he is going to be presenting with (it could be no one) or what award he is going to give out. On one hand I think it would be cute if he and Kristen presented together, but then knowing them they would probably smoke a bowl together backstage beforehand and then be all giggly when it was their turn to present. They giggle A LOT around each other. I think it’s cute, but the people running the Oscars probably wouldn’t’

Im a little weary at the thought of watching hours of this boring shiz so I can see him (for 3 minutes at the most) make his first appearance in what feels like forever. He’ll probably be one of the last ones to go so they can actually keep some viewers around. Hopefully they will pan the camera to where he’s sitting a lot.

Jeremy is not going to like watching this. He hated watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with me back in December, so I can only imagine how he’s gonna be when there aren’t any half naked supermodels strutting around. Oh well, the things we do for love…and by that I mean me loving Rob so much that I will watch hours of a boring event I normally couldn’t care less about just to catch a glimpse of him. That’s true commitment, people.


WTF Is This Shiz?!?! UPDATE: Summit says no Madonna in New Moon

So does not have anything at all to do with Twilight!

What the hell is this? I mean, words cannot describe my puzzlement at the news today from pretty much everywhere that Madonna might be in New Moon. My first thought was WHY? I can’t even imagine how anything from Madonna would be appropriate for anything in the Twilight universe. Maybe a song  on the soundtrack…? But I just don’t get it.

I’m feeling apprehensive about this movie. I started to feel little twinges of unease when Catherine was out. Then when they replaced her with Chris Weitz. (Who I only know from American Pie which was a great movie and all, but just completely NOT the direction for New Moon AT ALL). But I decided to just wait and see what was going to happen, I didn’t want to judge before I saw what the end product.

BUT THEN, there was the entire mess when they weren’t sure if they were going to keep Taylor Lautner for Jacob Black. I’m no Team Jacob member, not even close, but to me, that should never have even been a question at all. He is the perfect Jacob! WTF would be the point of getting someone else to play the part? Just because he gets taller and bulkier really fast? Hello? It’s called working out? And boys his age grow up really fast anyway, so they can age just a year, but look like 5 years older physically. I was really really worried about them not keeping him, but thankfully, that was all worked out and I will say that Taylor is looking very buff and adult. If I were 5 years younger… But since I’m not, I can lust after Rob guilt free, since we are the same age!

And now this Madonna thing. The article says that her manager Guy Oseary is an executive producer on the movie (since when? did he work on Twilight too?) and no one is clear yet if she is going to act or sing on the soundtrack.

Let’s see. If Madonna really HAS to be involved with the movie (and does she really? I mean really? What is the point?) then I would settle with her being on the soundtrack. I have a few of her songs on my Ipod (Ray of Light is awesome for cardio) and I really like a few of her ballads too.  So I could deal with her singing a song or two, as long as it was good and appropriate.

But I couldn’t deal with her being in the actual movie, possibly in a scene with Edward. That would just not do. The only thing I could imagine her playing is a member of the Volturi (which one, though?) because she has that toned look that is a little creepy, so I could picture her being a vampire. But please God, I really hope they do not write in some extra part for her or something and just screw the whole thing up. I don’t think Stephanie would let that happen, but there could be pressure from Summit or something.

I don’t know, I just hope everything works out with the movie and they include the parts of the book that NEED to be there (post on that later).





I checked Lexicon about 5 minutes ago and they have the news that says Summit said directly Madonna will NOT be acting in New Moon, her involvement, if at all, will be just on the soundtrack.




Chapter Disscussions: Twilight, Chapter Three – Phenomenon

"...the van shuddered to a stop a foot from my face..."“…the van shuddered to a stop a foot from my face…”


Ok guys, we are on to one of my favorite chapters in the whole series. This is the point where everything between Edward and Bella changed. I love the title of this one, Phenomenon. Reading it for the first time gave me a little thrill because I could tell that something amazing was going to happening when I read on. I still feel that same excitement when I read this chapter now.

Once again, thanks to the awesome blog Lauren’s Bite and the forums at Twilight Lexicon!

1. Bella is surprised and touched that Charlie put snow chains on her truck because she isn’t used to people taking care of her. Later on we know that Renee called Bella hysterical to have her come home yet Renee wasn’t in Phoenix. Given all of this what were your impressions of Renee?

What I got from that is that Renee definitely loves Bella, and wants her to be safe, but she was so flighty that she never put real thought or action into how to actually take care of Bella. Charlie loves her the same amount, he’s just a more practical person.

2. The accident is the first great action scene in the book. Did you get all the details right in your head the first time, or did you realize you missed finer points when Bella thinks about the accident later?

I had to re-read the actual accident part several times so I could get all the details right in my head. I also learned a few things when Bella was thinking about it later.

3. What did you think about Charlie’s response to the accident?

I thought he was a little over concerned, but I think about when I have kids, and if any of them almost got crushed by a van, I would probably react the same way too. I also wasn’t surprised when he called Renee. In the movie, when he threatened to take away Tyler’s licence, I thought that was pretty funny.

4. This is the first time we meet Carlisle. What were your first impressions

I thought he sounded dreamy of course, and I could tell he knew about Edward saving her, and he didn’t know what to think about that yet.

5. Did Edward’s cool and even sarcastic comments regarding the accident intrigue you or frighten you?

I knew he was mad at himself for saving her, but he didn’t regret it either. He was upset with her in a way like, “Look what you made me do.” because he wanted to deny that he had a strong need to save her. I also knew he was hoping she would brush it off and forget about it, so he tried to act cold toward her so she wouldn’t ask him any more questions about it. Needless to say, I was intrigued.

We were a little late on posting this, so we will do another Chapter Discussion very soon!


Alrighty, time for round 3, or as the French say “tres”.

1. Bella is surprised and touched that Charlie put snow chains on her truck because she isn’t used to people taking care of her. Later on we know that Renee called Bella hysterical to have her come home yet Renee wasn’t in Phoenix. Given all of this what were your impressions of Renee?

Renee doesn’t think things through.  Charlie does, plain and simple.

2. The accident is the first great action scene in the book. Did you get all the details right in your head the first time, or did you realize you missed finer points when Bella thinks about the accident later?

I think I got it all the first read through, but I’m about to be re-reading, so maybe I will pick something up that is new.

3. What did you think about Charlie’s response to the accident?

He acted exactly as I would if my daughter was in the same situation.  Freaked out, pissed, and very concerned.

4. This is the first time we meet Carlisle. What were your first impressions?

BAD ASS.  He is the essence of cool.  I feel that if the book was about his life, the following would still be just as great as it is with Bella and Edward.

5. Did Edward’s cool and even sarcastic comments regarding the accident intrigue you or frighten you?

I understood his comments, he was pissed, he wished he could have had her killed.  Think about Midnight Sun for a moment.  “I knew what had to happen now. The girl would have to come sit beside me, and I would have to kill her.” This was only days before he was stopping a van from squishing her.  It is probably best that he did save her, though.  He might have gone for her blood once it had spilled… Jasper too.

Thanks for reading.

~ Jeremy

Rosalie Hale Is A Bitch

major bitch face

major bitch face

I got hooked on the Twilight series because of Edward Cullen. He was just so awesome, one of the best characters I’ve ever read about and he was enough for me to love the books. But when we were all introduced to the Cullen family, it was an added surprise. I wasn’t expecting to like all of them the way I did, and they helped me to better understand Edward’s life and his attitude.

I love Carlisle because he’s just an all around bad ass. I love Esme for being so sweet and motherly. I love Emmett for making everything funny, and being so single minded when it comes to fighting or his family. I love Jasper because he has so much vampire fighting experience and he has the awesome power of changing moods. I love Alice because she is just so ALICE. She predicts the future, is as sweet as Esme, and she likes fashion.

But there is one member of the Cullen family I really can’t stand. I understand how she is integral to the story by giving us another take on Bella’s ultimate decision. I understand and even appreciate why her character needs to be there. But I still hated reading about her.

Well, I alternated between hating her and feeling sorry for her throughout the series. In Eclipse when she told Bella the story of how she became a vampire, I thought it was really mature of her to state her reasons for being so against what Bella wanted (p.s, I also thought the way she got revenge was pretty sweet too. That’s exactly what I would do!). What happened to her was awful and I understand her resentment of that, and the way she had to give up without a choice the thing she wanted most, a child.

Aside from all that, I still thought she was so immature to treat Bella the way she did. Did she not understand that she and Bella are two different people and so the same decision is not always right for two different people? Bella was becoming a vampire by choice, for love. Just because Rosalie didn’t have that choice doesn’t mean she should treat Bella the way she does. What was the purpose of that? If she was a big enough bitch, then Bella would change her mind?

I don’t hate Rosalie because she is beautiful, self centered, conceited, and extremely selfish. I understand this is what makes up her character, and she was needed to prove that even the vampires have flaws. But I like I said earlier, reading about her was not pleasant.

She was the worst in Breaking Dawn. When Bella first called her, I was like, “WTF are you doing, Bella?! Are you crazy? All she wants is the ba- OH. Ok. I get it. Good thinking then.” Bella counted on Rosalie to not care at all about her, but instead have concern for the baby alone, because that’s what she needed. Bella was desperate to save the baby, and she knew in Rosalie she could find that. It just made me grit my teeth every time Rosalie did or said something to make it clear she didn’t care if Bella lived or died, like when she took the baby as soon it was born and ran out with her without a care for what happened to Bella.

I really hope if or when Stephanie Meyer writes another book about anyone in Twilight, I really hope it isn’t Rosalie. I would really like to have the entire series from Edward’s point of view. I want to know what he was up to while he was gone in New Moon. It would be a very interesting read, to say the least.



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