Comic Con 2009: Picture Post *Now With Full Video*


Guys, there are a ton of these so I’m going to put up a decent number and tell you where to find the rest. Thanks to ROBsessed for giving me a place to start!

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Comic Con New Moon Panel Post *UPDATED NOW WITH VIDEO*

We have a few hours yet. I’m told this will be streaming video live inside as soon as the doors open. Right now it’s just the outside of the building. Boring until you remember that Rob is in there, right THIS SECOND!

Just kidding. Still pretty boring.

Updates soon.


It is 10:37 AM CT as I post this, and it hit twitter that ET online will be live streaming the actual New Moon panel at Comic Con in about an hour. Stay tuned!

11:36- ET is having issues. People are pissed.

Via Con New Moon Panel Post /Twilog


*Poster will be back at 7am so we can be fair to Summit*

It’s back!

I completely love this. Taylor looks so grown up! Dare I say, he actually looks like a worthy opponent for someone on Rob’s level. I also love how Edward is looking back (symbolism and foreshadowing!). The rust colored tint to the background really makes it stand out.

According to New Moon Movie, the poster leaked early because someone at the Washington Times uploaded the story with the accompanying image of the poster before they were supposed to, which was meant to be at 7am EST. They quickly took it down, but it was too late. Now it’s flying all over the Twilight fandom faster than anything I’ve seen before.

Just a reminder, pick up a paper in the morning so you can have a personal copy of this. I think I’m getting 2 or 3.

New Moon Clip and Poster Coming Soon

According to E! News!, we don’t have to wait long to get a glimpse of the New Moon movie. R Pattz, K Stew and Taylor Lautner (he doesn’t have a cute little nickname yet) will be at the MTV Movie Awards on May 31st to debut a minute long clip from New Moon.

This is super exciting news! I can’t wait to watch the show, which I was planning on watching anyway to see Twilight win some awards. I’m hoping Rob and Kristen win for best kiss. THAT will be one adorable/awkward acceptance speech! It would be prefect to top off the New Moon clip with a cute moment from Robsten.  

Next, and this is even more important since it’s happening sooner, an official New Moon poster from Summit will be in newspapers around the country TOMORROW! This will be the first time I buy a major newspaper for myself! I feel so grown up.

To those of you in other countries, don’t worry. Digital copies will be circulating early in the morning, and they will be all over your favorite Twilight blogs (including us!) tomorrow. I’m pretty stoked for this too. I wonder what it’s going to look like? Will it be just Bella and Jacob, or will Edward be on there somewhere too?

We have moved our blog! To see the most recent New Moon movie news and pictures, check us out at

Taylor Looks Beat, Eclipse Director and Peter Facinelli

Lainey Gossip has a quick article about David Slade arriving in Vancouver, possibly to scout for Eclipse filming locations? He’s been confirmed as the director for the next installment. I’ve never seen any of his movies, but my mom has 30 Days of Night, so I will be watching that soon to get familiar with his work.

Also attached to her post are some pictures of Taylor looking like he was woken up from a nap, and Peter Facinelli at the airport today. Lainey says they were on the same flight and Peter got quite into a game he played on his  iPod during the flight. Cute!

I’m kinda needing a Rob fix. Hopefully he emerges soon.

New Moon Set: Bella and Jessica At The Movies, Bella’s Awkward Date (May 1, 2009)

Yes! Let’s start this month off right! Vancity Allie has some AMAZING pictures from the movie theater set where they were filming the Bella and Jessica scene and the date Bella has later with Jacob and Mike.


This is a picture from when actual filming was going on. The movie poster they’re in front of was made just for this scene. Coolio!


The road is being sprayed so it looks like it just rained.


Chris Weitz, hard at work



Ok, let’s talk about this picture. Vancity Allie says they did a lot of shots of Taylor running away from the theater. I have to wonder what the eff this is for. This wasn’t in the book, at all. I don’t even know where they could be going with this. Maybe for a later dream sequence or something? We’ll see.

More VMan Outtakes, No Rob This Time

I’ll admit, I’m pretty annoyed there were no Rob pictures in this final batch, but I’ll live. Taylor looks so freaking cute in all these I can manage.

These are from Radar Online and you can view the entire slideshow there.




When I went to tag this post, I accidently typed in Kellan Lust! Wow, what a Freudian slip!


Odds and Ends: April 27, 2009

I took a break from the computer for a day (in reality I forgot it at my apartment, but it was nice), and a lot of shiz happened, so here are some updates.

First things first. Please go vote/leave a comment here so Jeremy and I know if y’all will participate in any contests we want to have here and to let us know what you would be interested in winning. I wish we could get our hands on some cast autographs (if it was Rob, I wouldn’t tell anyone. It would go in a secret shrine in my closet, ala Helga from Hey Arnold. If you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favor and Netflix it on DVD. Best Nick cartoon ever!), but we are considering stuff on etsy, maybe Hot Topic.

On to the news. Rob went back to LA for a break from shooting New Moon. You can see more pictures here, but this is the best one out of the bunch:

Lainey Gossip has more pictures, including Rob boarding a place with Brooke Shields (wtf?).

Lainey also has some pics and a cute story about Kristen and her boyfriend having a relaxing weekend. It’s nice to see Kristen smile.

Then there is more couples news, and this is going to break a lot of hearts. I’m a little jealous myself, to be honest because they just look so freaking cute together. Almost too cute, like twins or something. Shield your eyes if you can’t bear it.

I don’t know. No one freak out yet. They are probably just friends. I mean, how can you be with someone who looks like they could be related to you?

Things are going to be pretty crazy town here in the next few weeks. I have finals (vom) and after that, I have to try to find a job (double vom), but I will be here as much as I can.


Entertainment Tonight New Moon Coverage (April 24, 2009)

I am late with this since I was at my little sister’s drill team spring show when this aired. I know everyone has probably seen it already, but here you go.

Ok, my first question after watching these is this: What the F are they talking about when they mention this dream sequence that makes Edward look like a “demon”? That wasn’t in the book! Rob even said people are going to be like, “No, you can’t do that!” They better not have fucked up this movie, or I will be severely pissed.  The only thing I can come up with right now as to what might be is she dreams Edward is killing people or something. Edward doesn’t kill people (unless they are bad, but that was long before he met Bella). That did not happen in the book. I’m trying to reserve judgement, since Rob looked so excited about it, but I really freakin hope this doesn’t screw up thr movie. 

My second thought was, “SQUEE! Jacob and Bella and the bikes!” and I must say that Taylor’s muscles did interesting ripply things as he was pushing that bike, and I didn’t mind at all.

Thirdly, I really hope Rob sings at least one song for the New Moon soundtrack. If they are going to make us suffer through (supposedly) Madonna or the Jonas Brothers (another rumor, please God let it be a rumor), then that soundtrack is going to NEED Rob.

And lastly, I call bullshit on the final secert. Rob and Kristen are boning, and that’s ok. Well, maybe not actually doing it, but something is going on. I have my reasons for feeling this way, chiefly because of this article from Lainey Gossip (I know, I know) which states:

“So about Rob and Kristen. Rob has been very gracious in answering questions about his perceived “method” crush on Kristen during filming. Apparently he’d propose to her all the time and she’d blow him off – something he has openly acknowledged, something he laughs about, something he’ll roll with just because he’s amused by it too.
The buzz around them is that when they are interviewed alone, without each other, they are completely natural, totally eat ease, and speak wonderfully of each other. However when they are together it gets weird and awkward. Weird and awkward. Everyone’s observation on Saturday was weird and awkward. 

On Saturday during our interview, Kristen could not look at Rob. She was so nervous, she was trembling, she was blushing, she was painfully uncomfortable. Off camera it was all she could do to stay away from him, clinging to Rachelle and Nikki, almost afraid to be left alone with him.

Then there was that moment when we were rolling and she was asked about Rob’s audition, when she knew that he was Edward. It took place on the director’s bed. Needless to say – it was a hot situation. While describing her chemistry with Rob and why she enjoys working with them and why he was such a great partner, as he looked on beside her intently waiting for her answers, she stumbled and stammered, becoming more and more embarrassed, still incapable of meeting his eyes, especially when he jokingly pressed her on her explanation that “Rob for the most part cannot lie”. 

In analysing it afterwards, and watching back the tape, to us it was the textbook behaviour of a girl – to borrow from Stephenie Meyer – in love with a guy trying desperately not to show it. Finally they changed the subject. 

Of course it was adorable. 

But …

She didn’t think so. For whatever reason, she was mortified about those few minutes. And I can tell you exclusively that immediately after the interview, she requested that the segment be removed from the cut piece. Which means it will not air. 

If there’s nothing there, why get rid of it, right? 

Kristen has a boyfriend. She’s been with him forever. Photo attached of the two together back in LA this weekend. But to all those Twilight superfans who are pining for a real life romance between the actors playing Edward and Bella, it’s probably not a stretch to believe in the possibility. 

And if I were to indulge in a little squealing myself, they would totally make a great couple.”

That’s just one  reason I do believe they like each other. I beleive I will do a post on this soon, since I have much more proof (well, proof to me) of this.

More New Moon coverage happening Monday on ET, so keep those DVR’s set!


Sexiest Outtakes Ever

Some outtakes from the famous (and it’s famous at my house, since it has been my favorite cast photo shoot so far) V Man photo shoot have been released and yes, they are really freaking hot.

The thing I love most about this photo shoot is that, no matter what team you are on, there’s a little bit here for everyone. Rob is the hottest, of course, but Kellan and Jackson also look pretty good, and so do Cam and Taylor.

Rob and that damn beanie. I’m pretty much shocked he isn’t wearing the Nikes as well. The beanie has it’s place, sure, but he looks SO much better without it, when we can see the sex hair.

What’s going on here? Are we doing the pledge?

This is the obligatory “Everyone make a shocked face” picture the photographer asked for. Some got into it more than others (*ahem* Taylor). I like to imagine the photographer said, “Picture hundreds of fangirls and Twi-moms running toward you right now.” Jackson’s reaction is very comical.

I’m sorry, my brain just melted. Hotness overload. Are there other things in this picture besides Rob and that look on his face?

You can see the rest and some of the old ones over on Radar Online.



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