The Beginning of My New Life

I guess I will bore you with my novella now.

I would consider myself the average boyfriend, tolerable to an extent for fictional romances and obsessions.  As with most boyfriends, I assume, I never intended to see that “vampire movie” with the boy that dies in HP4. It wasn’t until 3 days of begging by Whitley, did I finally crack and commit to waiting in the movie lines… But at least we were at Star Cinema Grill, I thought to myself – my favorite movie theater/restaurant.

We bought our tickets with almost no line, after all it was an hour before the showing.  We went in and almost to the front of the line.  “Is the pandemonium over?” I asked myself.

No, just Star Cinema Grill is for adults only, its half bar, half theater and half restraunt.  It was an awesome movie, pretty action packed when James came into play.  This was the part of the movie that piqued my interest.  

Another 2 weeks go by, Whitley once again begging, but this time to read the book to me.  I didn’t want her to, not because I wasn’t interested, but I already had a book started by her that she had begged to read to me also.  It actually is a lot like Twilight.  There was murderous rage, sexiness and blood lust.  The book was Nora Roberts Carnal Innocence.  Ok, so I am streching the similarities, there is no Edward, Jacob or Jasper.

Finally we began Twilight.  I was sick for a few days, and we made it thought that book, New Moon and Eclipse within a week.  I liked the Jacob character, he reminds me of me when I was his age, young, carefree, and of course Indian.  I grew out of my Indian thing though once I hit my twenties, though.

And now we are on Breaking Dawn.  The only book that has been long enough for me (well, Whitley) to not have finished in a day or two.

I will update you with my thoughts on it after the book is behind me and I have had time to ponder it.



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