I Love YouTube…

…because it allows me to feed my Twilight/Robert Pattinson addiction by watching unlimited amounts of movie clips, interviews, and then the always amusing fan made vids. I’ve seen some really amazing fan vids, and I admire someone who can spend that much time and effort on it. I have no such patience, so I think it’s incredible.

Some videos make me laugh. A LOT.

The girl above has made several Twilight videos, but this one is my favorite. It’s so ridiculous and over the top. My favorite part, ” I didn’t really find you hot as Cedric Diggory/but think you totally make a wonderful Edward C.”. My sister and I walked around for weeks saying, “Edward Cullen/get your pants off!”

And then there are the ones I watch over and over and over, because Rob looks really hot in them.

I found that one on accident when I was looking for a video for the song “Goodbye and Go” by Imogen Heap. I’ve watched it about 300 times (just kidding…kind of…) and LOVE the parts at :30, and 1:16. I swoon every time.

This next video was the first one I watched over and over, because it’s so true, I DID squee! This was the video that convinced me they love each other and totally should be together (until he meets me, then she would need to BACK OFF!). But the chemistry between these two is so obvious. Watching this, you understand why her boyfriend is jealous. Poor guy. How do you compete with that?

Are there any videos that you love or think are totally crazy? Do you make Twilight vids for YouTube? Let us know and I will post them here!



  1. YouTube is fabulous for us Twi-fans, is it not? πŸ˜‰
    Great blog!

    • Yes, I love it! And thanks so much!

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