Seriously, WTF?

OK, so I realize that being 20 years old and and obessed as I am about Twilight makes me a little weird, but mostly only to those who haven’t read the books. I have a kindred feeling with all the other Twilighters out there who are just as fanatical as I am, and who can understand how seeing a silver Volvo (THE silver Volvo) is actually enough to change your mood for the entire day. 

But then there are those among us who are just frightening. They are the reason the rest of the world thinks we are CRAZY. And I really can’t blame them, because some of the shit I see out there in online Twilight universe  just boggles the mind.

For instance, today I was doing my daily check of Twilighers Anonymous and I came across this little gem.

Here are the pictures that go along with that article.


This is the womb closed (I think)

This is the womb closed (I think)

and this is it OPEN, complete with a FETUS inside

and this is it OPEN, complete with a FETUS inside

 That is Bella’s womb, when she was pregnant with Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. That is pretty much the grossest thing I have ever seen in my life. What would posses a person to create something like that? How long did that take? And then WHY did they feel they needed to take pictures and share it with the rest of the world? 

I can’t decide what the grossest thing about it is. The fact that it’s red and brown, with a little mutated fetus inside, or all of that combined with the fact that it’s FURRY? It looks like some crazy dinosaur egg or something from a horror movie.

If you have seen anything that tops this in the weirdness and grossness factor (and I really hope you haven’t), let us know, because I don’t understand what could top this.



  1. Umm, yah. That is THE WEIRDEST thing ever. Who decides, “hmm, today I shall make a fetus!” haha! LOL!

    • I know! When I first saw this, I was speechless!

  2. I’m 20 as well and completely obsessed! I’m glad to find another like me, all the fans of Twilight I know of in real life are my sisters age. And she’s 16! There’s one thing downloading loads of pictures, talking about the book, the film, the characters, the cast all the time, but freaky things like that above is just totally wrong. Send them to a mental institution methinks!
    By the way, I like your blog and was wondering, if I put your blog as a link to my blog would you be able to do the same for me? I’m pretty new to WordPress so trying to get some footing. It’s not a Twilight specific blog, but 2 out of 4 posts are about Twilight. I’m thinking about today’s one now and I reckon it’s going to be another Twilight/Rob Pattinson one! So let me know what you think!

    Natasha – The Ice Queen Diaries:

  3. I just posted about this one someone else’s blog. They gave it the Creepiest ‘Fan Made’ Ever Award. I’m inclined to agree. Just. Plain. Creepy.

  4. Wow…this is the first time I’ve seen this, I heard someone mention it…hmmm..maybe it was you, but That is just FREAKIN NASTY!!

    Also don’t be ashamed of being twenty and loving Twilight, I’m 29, and I don’t care what anyone thinks…I’m owning my Twi-session

    • It’s so great to know you aren’t alone in the Twilight loving 🙂 You always crack me up on LTR!

  5. We should start a “I’m not a teenager but I LOVE Twilight” group! Haha!

    Natasha – The Ice Queen Diaries:

    • Lol totally. Especially since Rob said not too long ago he doesn’t have fans his age. He’s so sheltered lol

  6. That would be so awesome, to create a group that will get us noticed by Rob. Something with a ring to it, and requirements are you need to be something like 3 years either side of Rob’s age. And we need birth certificate for proof, lolz!

    Natasha – The Ice Queen Diaries:

    • Yeah! That would be great! And that way when we “accidentally” bumped into him, we would be free from all the weirdo tweens that run up to him and freak out, asking him to bite them. It’s like, you’re freaking him out! Chillax lol

  7. Sounds like a good idea! We’ll be the cool, sophisticated one’s looking mature and gorge, ahah! I’m actually thinking we should to that… =oP

    Natasha – The Ice Queen Diaries:

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