Team Edward FTW!



*swoon* *squees* *faints*













Yeah...nice try. Not even close to making me swoon.

Yeah...nice try. But not even close


FTW means “for the win”, by the way. I wasn’t aware of that before today (I know, I live under a rock), and I thought it was fitting for this post.

Ok, so all you Team Jacob people. I need to talk to you. I need to get inside your mind and try to understand the thought process behind your decision. To clarify, I totally TOTALLY get that Jacob is a good guy. I like him, he is one of the best characters in the series. He’s funny, really hot, and he loves Bella, which is the most important thing. He was there for her when Edward left, and he showed her that there is more than one type of “being in love”.

I got all that. Jacob is great. But how can you think that Bella should be with him over Edward? Edward represents (to me, you may think different) What Women Want. A guy that has an overwhelming need (I know it’s because he was thirsty, but come on. It’s a metaphor) for you from first sight? Check. He is eager to know more about you, anything about you, so much that he spends an outrageous amount of time asking you questions, right down to your favorite color? Check. Amazingly, mind-blowingly freaking gorgeous? Check. Extremely chivalrous and polite? Check, Check.

I could go on, but you get the picture on how I feel about this. Edward Cullen is pure masculine perfection to me. I also just want to say something to the people that think Edward is an abusive boyfriend, or controlling, or too protective (case in point, watching Bella sleep with her unaware). To all you people: EDWARD IS A VAMPIRE IN A WORK OF FANTASY FICTION. He can not be held to the same standard as humans in real life. Edward had been pretty much alone in the world and miserable with himself and his immortality for about 100 years (If you haven’t yet, read Midnight Sun. You will totally get what I mean).  I have to say, as someone who had a boyfriend show up unbeknownst to me in the middle of the night to scratch on my bedroom window like something out a bad horror movie, I understand completely that, in our world, doing someone like that sleep is wrong. I can’t see what Edward did that way. After being alone so long, he was never expecting to have such a reaction to Bella, and so I totally understand the resulting need he had to be around her as much as possible and protect her from harm. I mean, the boy can’t sleep, what else did he want to do with all that free time but be with her? He just needed to be next to her, knowing she was alright because unlike in real life, there is not much me and you need to be protected from. We don’t have the possibility of being eaten for food by other vampires, and Edward was aware this could happen.

This leads me to my next point. Edward had a need to be so protective because Bella actually needed it!  That one is so obvious I’m not going to elaborate any more, and now on to the next point. To the people that say Edward is controlling by not wanting Bella to hang out with Jacob, even going so far as to disconnect her battery, I say, Ok, I can give y’all this one. He didn’t have to do that, because with his vampire superpowers, he can instantly be by her side and Alice can see what she’s planning. But I do understand him not wanting her to hang out with Jacob. It’s not about Edward didn’t like them being friends, it’s because Jacob was a freaking werewolf, the sworn enemy of the vampires! And using the example of Sam and Emily, Edward had reason to believe she wasn’t 100% safe around the werewolves. Edward also knew Bella had feelings for Jacob, and I actually thought it was very mature of him to eventually let her sort those feelings out for herself, instead of just avoiding the situation by preventing her from hanging out with him.  Most guys would never dream of doing that.

Anyway, I have been working on this single post about 3 hours now, so I will continue it at a later time because I have a lot more to say about this. My pride at being a Team Edward member runs deep.

To all you Team Jacob members, I got nothing but love for y’all. Twilighters are generally mocked by everyone else (and sometimes each other. I still can’t get that fetus out of my mind), and we all need to stick together.