April Trip to Forks, WA

This April, Whitley, me, and hopefully her step-sister Jessie, will be taking a trip to Forks. We plan to go to Vancouver and a few areas in between also.  I’m hoping we don’t miss the Vancouver filming, because I would love to meet Kristen, and Whitley and Jessie really want to meet Rob.

We could drive the whole way up there at a cost of around $2000 in gas alone (not to mention 3 nights in hotels along the way),  but it would be a fun adventure.

But if we fly and I rent a car, it will only be about $1000 plus gasoline… but Whitley is afraid of flying.

If we fly we can do more, because it will be a 4.5 hour flight as opposed to a 4.5 DAY drive.

Either way, we plan on staying at the Forks Motel.  If any of you have seen the site, its a steal – $95/night for 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 baths.  Pretty Effin’ sweet!.

How would you go about getting there from a long distance?

– Jeremy


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  1. I will be going!!!!!!! I can’t freaking wait!!!!!! Love you both!!!!!

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