Some Good News, Rob Will Be A Presenter At The Oscars

One of the hottest pictures ever, I'm pretty sure (had to change the pic, but the caption still fits)


I’m pretty glad this hasn’t turned out to be a rumor! It has been confirmed that Rob is going to be a presenter at the Oscars on February 22nd and this is pretty exciting news! When I first read about the “Twilight presence” expected at the show, I was thinking it was most likely going to be Kristen Stewart, or maybe one of the older actors from the movie. I didn’t dare to hope that it would actually be The Hotness himself!

No one is sure yet who he is going to be presenting with (it could be no one) or what award he is going to give out. On one hand I think it would be cute if he and Kristen presented together, but then knowing them they would probably smoke a bowl together backstage beforehand and then be all giggly when it was their turn to present. They giggle A LOT around each other. I think it’s cute, but the people running the Oscars probably wouldn’t’

Im a little weary at the thought of watching hours of this boring shiz so I can see him (for 3 minutes at the most) make his first appearance in what feels like forever. He’ll probably be one of the last ones to go so they can actually keep some viewers around. Hopefully they will pan the camera to where he’s sitting a lot.

Jeremy is not going to like watching this. He hated watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with me back in December, so I can only imagine how he’s gonna be when there aren’t any half naked supermodels strutting around. Oh well, the things we do for love…and by that I mean me loving Rob so much that I will watch hours of a boring event I normally couldn’t care less about just to catch a glimpse of him. That’s true commitment, people.


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  1. WHITLEY!!!!! you should so come to my house and we will watch through crap together!!!!! OMG I”M so excited! Just a glimpse of Rob would be worth the hours of watching crap before him! TEXT me when you can!
    love you

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