New Moon Logo Revealed


I like it. The color is different, and there has been some speculation that is to show the contrast of this movie to Twilight. The Twilight logo was blue (I thought it was silver, but whatev) signifying coldness (read: Edward Cullen) and the New Moon logo is a warmer yellow to represent heat (Jacob Black). Kinda clever, I guess.

“The Twilight Saga” part on the top was added for people that aren’t hardcore fans of the series so they know this is the sequel to the first movie. To that I say, even people who aren’t fans should know the name of the next movie unless they live under a rock in a cave in the bottom of the ocean.

The sliver of the moon at the bottom is a little confusing because technically a new moon phase isn’t even visible. It’s just all black. There would be no sliver at all to see.

Nevertheless, I’m still very excited for the movie. 268 days to go!



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