New Shots Of Kristen and Taylor Filming New Moon Scenes (March 31, 2009)

Lainey Gossip is a pretty good source for news and pics about New Moon and today some pictures went up of Kristen and Taylor doing a scene in what’s supposed to be considered La Push. 

I’m a little concered about the hairpieces they are wearing. Not Taylor’s really, his looks about as good as it did in Twilight. I mean Kristen’s. Her hair is two different colors.

 Ouch, that looks a little painful.

But how are they going to fix her hair? I’m sorry, but Bella can’t be having a two-tone head. That shiz will be seriously distracting when I’m watching the movie, trying to mourn Rob/Edward’s absence.

There are a lot more pics over on the link, but here’s some Taylor for all you Team Jacob crazies that check in over here (I say that lovingly).

And there you go. Kinda a butt shot in that last one. Enjoy that only if you are under 18. I can’t comment on it yet because I don’t want Chris Hansen with this printed post in his hand busting in my apartment.

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Kristen,Nikki and What’s-His-Face In Vancouver


Kristen, Nikki and her nobody boyfriend were in Vancouver for lunch this weekend. Look at her face as she looks at him. Almost like she wishes he was someone else…

Note the ensemble Mr.K-Stew is sporting. Seems like someone is trying a little too hard to look like this:

I see lots of similarities. Let’s make a list, shall we?

  1. He gelled what hair he does have to resemble the pure hotness that is the Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen Hair (It is THAT important, so it gets capitalized).  
  2. The messy scruff that on Rob looks extremely sexual, like he rolled out of bed with you that morning and he was so worn out from the nights activites that he was too tired to shave.  On Michael, it just looks like he’s trying too hard.
  3. The jacket and glasses that he went out and bought right after he saw that picture of Rob above. In fact, he just uses that entire picture as his fashion inspiration when he gets dressed in morning. Scruffy face? Check. Dark glasses? Check.  Messy, wrinkled Tshirt to wear under a button down and the leather jacket to complete the look? Check check.

Michael. No. Just no. You did a good job with your costume. In fact, you are wearing an outfit Rob would defintely wear himself, but you just need to stop trying. That kind of hotness cannot be copied. You fall so far short of the standard that Rob sets, even when he’s messy, that you just look a little silly. OK? So just go shave and take off the glasses, so I can stop laughing at you and go back to feeling sorry for you instead.


New Moon Set At Night Pics (March 26, 2009)

Twilighters Anonymous has some pictures from one of their users tutor_girl22 of the New Moon set. They show the area that is believed to be Jacob Black’s house and even though we’ve seen these before during the day here, the place looks totally different at night. Definitely looks like a place where werewolves and vampires could be lurking.



You can view the whole gallery here


One Of My Favorite Fan Videos Ever

I think this girl is hilarious, and I love the way she edited her video to show what she was talking about as she was talking about it. The screaming fangirls  around her make me laugh, but I’m going to be real with myself. I know if I was part of a big crowd and I knew he couldn’t see me acting a fool, I would totally scream like that too.

Watch the whole thing, the end is what makes me laugh the most!


OK. Woah! *EDIT*

Woah. That’s all I can say after watching this, espeically from 2:19 on. It was sexy and scary at the same time. I’m not going to lie, even though that must hurt real bad, I wish that was me he had dragged to the floor like that.


Um ok. So Rob/Edward totally grabbed Kristen/Bella’s breast in that last scene. UNDER THE SHIRT. That is…I don’t even know what to say about it. Wow. Just…wow. That was the most erotic thing I ever seen in my life. Kristen’s boyfriend should just bow out gracefully after that. Geez. I’m fanning myself over here.

Where is this from? The DVD at Target?…Jeremy will let me get two copies of Twilight, right? *crosses fingers*


I’d Like To Thank YOU, All Of You Reading Right Now!


Mucho thanks to the always awesome blog Pillow Biters for giving us this awesome award! This is my first award for a blog ever and I’m super excited! I’m so happy that there are some people out there who want to read what I write, so thank you so much!

Once you win this award, you have to list five of your addictions and then pass it along to five of your favorite blogs.

My addictions are as follows:

  1. Twilight! (duh!)
  2. Spending time with friends and family (As I’ve gotten older, I get how fun hanging out with my mom is!)
  3. reading (We have about 7 bookshelves crammed in our tiny apartment filled with books I love, plus we always have a few hundred from the public library.)
  4. texting (I LOVE to text! If I have a spare moment, I pull out my phone, I can’t help it.)
  5. chicken (I would eat chicken every meal if I could. I will eat chicken any way it’s served to me except if it’s covered in onions because, ew.)

So those are my five major addcitions, and now I have to pick five other blogs to give this award to. Here are five of my personal favorites on our blog roll.

  1. Jessie’s Blog
  2. 86 Rabbit
  3. Random Acts Of Rob
  4. What The Forks
  5. Joeben Designs

So there you go! Check out  all these blogs (they are all Twilight related) and let them know how awesome they are!


A Random Thought I’m Having…

Umm…does anyone think that Catherine Hardwicke is a little pervy? 

I’m watching/listening to the commentary on the Twilight DVD with Rob, Kristen and Catherine and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the commentary. Like, now. Go, put the DVD in, turn it on and watch this shiz so you can agree with me because she totally is. 

She tells Rob several times how good he looks in the certain scenes. I believe she actually uses the word “hunky”. When he makes a joke about how his hands look effimanite, she says, “What? Your hands are aweeesoome, dude.” She drawls it out, saying it like she’s imagined them on her body (Hey, haven’t we all?) She makes a lot of jokes like that toward him, and every time she responds to something he said, her voice gets lower and she talks slower like she’s talking to her lover (or someone she WANTS to be her lover). She must have some kind of crush on him. I don’t blame her or anything. How can I? Rob is sex personified, and you would have to be dead not to notice.

I first started having these thoughts when I watched the deleted scenes awhile back, before the DVD was out. I noticed she was squirming a lot in her seat when she did the intro for the extended kiss scene, like she was way excited for it. Once I had the DVD and watching the extended scenes (or deleted, I don’t remember which) and we came to the one titled “I Love When Boys Chase Me” and she did the intro for it, saying we were about to watch some “hot, bad vampire action!” and she did the squirm thing again, I knew it was going to be a little porny. She wouldn’t have been nearly bouncing out of her chair in excitement over it if it wasn’t. Watch the special features on the DVD and you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, how much more do you love Rob after listening to him on this commentary? Who knew he was so hilarious and random? I loved that about the GQ interview (that remark about Joe Jonas slayed me), but he is just so funny when he talks about the movie. I love how he’s so obsessed with his eyebrows. And I’m glad he brought that up about why James didn’t kill Bella at her house while he was watching her fight with her dad. I always wondered that too. Catherine should have thought that through more.

Rob’s comments really make watching the commentary worthwhile. To read the Entertainment Weekly article on the best of Rob’s commentary on the DVD, go here.


Just A Quick Question

Has anyone else been freaking out any time y’all see one of the many commercials running about the Twilight DVD?

No?…It’s just me, then?

…Oh, ok. That’s cool.


New Pictures From New Moon Set, The Bikes and The Beach (March 23, 2009)

Over on, there are some new pictures (well, new to me since I was on vacation) from the movie set of New Moon.

First, some shots were taken of Bella’s truck with the bikes in the back. These are from which should have some good scoop in the weeks to come. They live near where the filming is going on.

And here’s a good shot of Kristen as Bella on the beach. I read on several sites since I’ve been back that she and Taylor have already filmed the cliff-diving scene.


This picture was from SpoilerTV

Then there is a video from Borders bookstore with the cast all dressed for a New Moon promo photoshoot. Rob looks hot (as always), but Taylor somehow looks younger than he did in Twilight. Must be the haircut.


Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day Two: Part Two and Day Three


After we left Graceland, we went to Sun Studios! Being such a fan of 50’s music, Edward was very excited!


Edward and I had a lot of fun hanging out in the same place where all the greats like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course, Elvis recorded music.


Edward wanted his picture taken with the picture of the “Million Dollar Quartet” they had outside on the side of the building. He fits right in!

After we left Sun Studios, it was time to go to the Heartbreak Hotel and get some shut eye before our flight the next morning. Edward had a lot of fun comparing hair-dos with Elvis


I do see a little bit of resemblence there, Edward! It’s cool, because it looks good on both of you!


The next morning, Edward did not want to get up (he wasn’t asleep because, duh, he can’t. But he was resting), but we had to because we were going to go sign the wall at Graceland


After he signed his name along with all the other fans, he decided to peek over the wall for one last look at the house.


Then it was one last picture by the gates…


and we went home our to plan out our trip for next year!