New Moon Expectations *Spoilers Ahead*

This post is a little early (ok, like WAY early. Only 259 days left!) but I already have my expectations of what I need to see from the New Moon movie. I’m a little upset by the way certain things were missing from Twilight (like the “I love you”‘s. It wasn’t said by Edward or Bella ONCE!), so hopefully certain things are better in New Moon. You hear me, Melissa Rosenburg? These scenes better be PERFECT in the movie, or I (and many others) will hate you with the fiery passion of a thousand blazing suns.

First scene that better be there and done correctly, the dream Bella has in the beginning. This was the first time I cried reading New Moon (God knows it wasn’t the only time) because that image was so powerful to me, of beautiful and perfect Edward with his arms around a shriveled old Bella. Edward wouldn’t love her any less of course, but I knew that this was not what Bella wanted, and I was terrified for her because I thought this was a possibility. But honestly, who would rather get old and die than live forever with Edward? This would be an amazing scene for the movie to show the contrast between what Bella wants and what Edward wants. 

Next, you know what’s coming. The birthday party. I wanna see Jasper go crazy and animalistic (Oh yeah baby. That’s going to be so sexy!). I want to see the fear and anguish Edward has over this because I need some justification for What Happened in Chapter 3 (this gets capitalized because you know how important it is).

Now the thing no one wants to see, but you can’t have the story without it. What Happened. The break up. Possibly the saddest break up in the world, and that is really saying something. This needs to be one of the most intense parts of the movie, because it is in the series. I will cry at this anyway, but this better translate on screen (Listen up, KStew, no frantic blinking and stuttering). I also want the “Time passes…” in there too. I will never forget the desolation I felt, how my heart just sank when I turned the page and it had month after month. I will never forget it because I have been there myself, when the world went on without me after I had my heart broken so cataclysmicly, and I watched will dull eyes and a dead soul. Those pages brought it all back for me.  It made me not want to read the book again, but I realized it needs to happen for the story, for Edward and Bella to really grow as people and to truly love each other. For all those reasons, it needs to be perfect in the movie.

I want to see Bella the zombie. When I read this part of the book, I am depressed and this effects my actual day to day life, it did especially that first time. This needs to happen in the movie, so that when Jacob comes in, there is a tangible feel of relief like you feel when you read about it. 

I want to see Bella hear Edward’s voice in her head. This was the 3rd time I cried like a baby reading the book because that has also happened to me. Not the way it did with Bella where she thought Edward was talking to her, but I would have flashbacks of him out of no where. Once I was in the shower washing my hair, just minding my own business, and suddenly I heard him say in my head something he had always told me throughout our relationship. It was like he was right there, and it was so painful to me because what he had said so often obviously became not true after he left me. I was mad at my brain for doing that to me, but I still understood Bella’s need to hear Edward again and again. It was all she had left.

We need to see Bella and Jacob become close and how this effects her. She uses Jacob (and I’m sorry, but she does) to distract her from her misery, which is perfectly understandable to me. I want to see the motorcycles and the walk in the woods, all of it. As much as I can’t stand the fact that there was even a choice between Jacob and Edward, this needs to be as apparent in the movie as it is in the books.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Jacob go through his transformation. I had a feeling of foreboding when he went home early after the movies and then when he didn’t answer the phone for days, so this would be cool for the movie.

I will take the time right here to say, these special effects for the wolves better not suck. I was a little weirded out in Twilight with the way they did Edward’s sparkles. The first time on the rock was cool (shirtless Rob/Edward is something I will never complain about), but when he was laying in the meadow, the effect they used erased some of his features and he kind of looked like…a toad.

not a good angle

not a good angle

Edward Cullen should never remind me of an amphibian. Ever. So Summit, when you attempt this again, try for some better special effects, kthnx.

I want to see Bella cliff dive. This will be one of the coolest parts of the movie because it will be (to quote a certain evil vampire here) “visually dynamic” and this is the event that triggers so many other amazing events, like Alice coming back and everyone knows what that lead to.

The phone call. OMG the phone call. I wanted to jump through the book and KILL Jacob Black dead when that happened. We almost lost Edward because he wanted to be a jerk. For that, he cannot be forgiven.

I want to see in the movie everything that happened in the last few chapters of the book, from the mad dash to Italy on. Alice needs to have her awesome yellow Porchse, Bella needs to run screaming through Volterra, and Edward needs to be taking his shirt off. I want to see the tourists be lead to their deaths too because I’m morbid like that.

Finally, I want to see the most romantic thing I have ever read, when Edward explains to Bella the way he loves her. When I was reading New Moon out loud to Jeremy, I couldn’t read this part to him because I started crying. That happened to me a lot during their reunion, like when he told her, “When I told you that I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.” and when she mentioned she didn’t want to get old and he said, “You’ll always be the most beautiful thing in my world.”, that gets me every time, y’all. But here is the major thing I need to hear Edward/Robert say:

“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars –points of light and reason….And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”

I’ve made peace with the fact that I will be bawling like a baby in public when I go see this in the movies, so they really need to lay it on thick with all the emotion this movie will make all the Twilighters feel.

Lastly, the proposal. I wish there was some way they could go back and change the book so that Bella was a little more enthusiastic about it (I mean, come on. Edward Cullen is asking you to marry him, and you are worried about what other people will think?! Get your priorities right.) but I want to see him pour his heart out as he’s letting Bella know he’s back for good.

So I think I got everything. I will be eagerly awaiting any footage that leaks in the next few months that will let us know if all this is in there or not. I read today that Rob will back in Vancouver by the end of the week for filming, so hopefully that’s true!


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  1. Okay so I agree with everything you said, about everything! I’m interested to see how they are going to do the whole Edwards voice in her head thing. I too have made peace that I will be bawling like a 2 year old in public, but you know we will be doing it together because we have to see it the first time together! I can’t wait! I’m getting very anxious about the release of NEW MOON I can’t freaking wait!
    YOu are the best friend EVER and I can’t wait until OUr Trip to FORKS!!!! See you soon!
    -your bestest!-

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