SUPER SPOILER ALERT!!!! *Extended Scenes From Twilight DVD!!!!!!!!*

So I just wrote that post about my reaction to one deleted scene without doing my research, and now I find out some extended scenes have been leaked. Thanks to the people at, they have all been put together in one video up on youtube in one amazing incredible video.

I put a spoiler tag on here for those of you that want to wait and see these when you get your DVD, which I totally understand. But just to let you know, these are extended, not deleted scenes, so you aren’t seeing something you totally have never seen before, just slightly longer scenes you already have. But you you want to be completely unspoiled for your DVD, don’t watch the vid or read the rest of this post.

Without further ado, the video!

I’m just going to give my commentary for each scene in the order the video goes.

First, in the diner with Bella and her dad. They should have left some of this in, including the explanation of why Charlie eats at the diner all the time. This would explain Bella taking over the cooking at home, which was a big part of the book. I also liked Charlie talking about the Cullens, since some of the lines are straight from the book.

Next, when the bad vamps kill Waylon. This was only extended by a little bit, but I’m glad they left it out. Watching them bite him was a little cheesy to me. And while it was happening, he was moaning like…he was having sex (Try and get that image out of your head now).

Then MORE OF THE MEADOW!!!!!!!!!! Finally! It’s only a few seconds more, but I love it all. They definitely should have left this entire thing in. I watched from 5:18 to 6:37 like 5 times. Rob looks so hot, and they should never have cut any of his lines. Never cut any Edward, because he is the reason so many women paid to see this movie multiple times.

The Edward’s room scene is a good one too. Who else can make the emotion of bafflement look hot besides Rob? (7:10-7:13) I thought the journals thing was pretty cool, because I have kept journals all my life, even when I was in third grade, so imagine what someone 107 years old could write about? 

I am glad they cut the rain stick thing. Chinchilla droppings? WTF? But I love the moment at 8:39 when Edward is like embarrassed by his music choice. It’s so cute.

The last scene before the baseball game they should have left in too. Rob looks hot in it (and just so you know, that will always be a legitimate justification to me for anything) and it he was reading Charlie’s mind.

So all in all, I don’t feel bad for watching these. I’m even more excited for the DVD now by getting a little taste of what’s to come.


OME OME First Revealed DELETED SCENE From Twilight!!!!

It’s two in the morning here y’all. I had been asleep, but I had a feeling I needed to get up and check Letters to Rob. Such a random intuition, but I’m glad I did because OME (Oh My Edward, for those of you not in the know) it’s a deleted scene from Twilight, and it is SEXY! I’m not just saying that because it has Rob/Edward in it, it is really sexual. I’m surprised Stephanie Meyer even allowed it to be filmed. (Maybe she was gone from the set that day?) Either way, I’m eternally grateful to whoever is responsible for this. Melissa Rosenburg, if you wrote this scene you are officially forgiven for the omissions in  Twilight. I take back everything I said about you. You are my new best friend.

OK here is the scene already up on youtube.

I don’t even know where to begin. This is so hot that my eyeballs are scorched. Ok, first the dialogue, so we can have a full understanding of just what is going on here.

Bella: Maybe my number was up when that van almost crushed me. You know? Maybe you’re just messing around with fate.

Edward: (says in the sexiest way possible) Bella, your number was up the first day I met you.

(Then he smiles the hottest smile in the world and playfully pulls Bella down to the ground with him.)

Now, it’s all very PG up until this point. Here is the point where this became high on the hotness scale, right up there with the kissing scene.

Bella: Do you really want a taste?

A taste? A TASTE?! Woah movie Bella!! The Edward in the book would hardly allow such liberties! But you totally went for it and for that, you deserve a medal. You just asked him the thing every woman who read the books wanted you to ask him (or wanted to ask him themselves).

But where book Edward would politely point out they should probably just talk instead, movie Edward replies with:

Edward: Yeaahh.

OME, OME. I am having a hard time breathing at this. If they had shown this in the movie, this is the point where my eyes would have widened, and my skin would have flushed at having to witness such sexiness in front of my mom. I’m so grateful this is on DVD, so I can enjoy it in the privacy of my own home. But the hot parts are not over.

(Bella places her finger IN HIS MOUTH and he bites down, causing her to close her eyes (in ecstasy?!) and moan out loud when he bites harder. She then TAKES THE FINGER OUT OF HIS MOUTH AND PUTS IT IN HER OWN MOUTH WHILE HE WATCHES!!!As she sucks on her finger, he says:…)

Edward: What a fragile little human. (sexy smile)

(BTW, this is what James said to Bella as he was trying to kill her, but who cares? Because when Rob/Edward says it, that is totally erased from my mind.)

Dear. God. I personally think they are crazy for taking this out of the movie. So many more people would have gone back to see this scene alone. I personally would have gone back maybe 9 or 10 times instead of  a measly 6.

As was said many times over in the hilarious comments at Letters to Rob (, now Rob is never going to escape the “Will you bite me?” question. This 46 seconds has revived that with a robust vigor already, and this hasn’t even out a full 24 hours yet!

Access Hollywood will showing more of the deleted scenes as the DVD release date gets closer (I have my invite to Hot Topic for the midnight release party, thank you very much!). I don’t know if anything can top this in the hotness department, but I’m fully prepared to be proven wrong.

Also, rumor is this is one of Kristen’s favorite scenes. Hmmm, I wonder why?