Silly Fan Made Video

This is a fan made video I came across while browsing youtube looking for Rob related stuff. It made me laugh. (“Rob, I can have your babies!!”)

So The Damage Control Begins…

So I guess Summit finally got a hold of Kristen and gave her a good talking to, because a couple of interviews have come in where she pretty much denies she’s ever said anything negative about the fans or Twilight.

First over at (link below), Kristen was asked about her recent comments, and the backlash from Twilight fans over them. She said,

“I love the Twilight fans. I have literally never said anything remotely negative about them.” 

Yeah, yeah. Likely story.

She was explaining how her words were taken out of context, saying,

“You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted in a negative connotation. Like the word ‘psychotic’ apparently is really bad.(*laughs*) I feel like it’s a really humble position to take that it’s not normal—you know what I mean?—to find yourself in a situation where there are 5,000 screaming girls. I feel like that’s not normal and it’s not something I should just say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s really cool, I love them,’” she continued. “I feel like everything I said in that Nylon interview, if you actually read the whole thing, was very honest and genuine and talking about something that I am so immersed in and I have absolutely no control over. And I’m just trying to stay honest and true to something that I care about.”

Har har, Kristen. Make jokes. And I will point out again that no one is screaming for you. I’m not saying they aren’t excited to see you, that’s not it. It’s just that the excitement over either one of these guys:

Too much hotness in one picture

Too much hotness in one picture

is so much that the desire to see you is not even comparable. So don’t feel too bad (read : jealous) about all the attention they get because, I mean, you get to kiss both of them!  That should be enough of a balm to your envious soul. (It would be enough for me!) 

And I believe you care about the Twilight series and you want to do it justice. You think of yourself as an artist, so you never would have agreed to the role otherwise. But you just need to understand that a lot of other people really care about it too, and those people are watching you. So don’t insult them. Twilight fans can be pretty rabid when it comes to things they don’t approve of, and you definitely do not want that kind of wrath directed at you. Just do the best you can in the movies, and be grateful that you have (or the potential to have) one of the biggest fan bases in the world now. They are screaming because they are excited, it’s what some people do.

E! News has another interview with her, and she is asked the same questions. She has more compliments for the fans she has insulted publicly in the past.

“I love the fans,” she insists. “I feel like I am one of the fans and any direct interaction I’ve ever had with them has been the most warm and pleasant and enthusiastic. If anything, it’s the biggest driving force that could propel you to do something.”

She addresses the “psychotic” comment again also.

“It’s not normal for me to be in a situation that Twilight puts you in,” she explains. “It’s not personally normal for me to see 5,000 screaming girls. But I’m not criticizing them for being ‘crazy’ about me. I’m sort of going, “Wow, this is just crazy!’ “

She’s right, it’s not normal. Most actors go their entire careers and don’t have the chance to be involved with a cultural phenomenon like Twilight. This is a once in a lifetime chance many people dream of, and I think she needs to get some perspective on this. You have fans, Kristen. Congratulations on that.

She also explains why she wasn’t at the Oscars.

“If I was invited to the Oscars, I would be there in a nanosecond,” she says. “If I got an invitation to the Oscars, I wouldn’t turn it down!”

I kinda suspected she wasn’t asked to come. Her dad was pissed about it and said something he really shouldn’t have. Hopefully he was scolded for this by the people in charge at Summit. No one should ask him anything ever again, though. Really. Who cares what he has to say?

So, basically she is going to be nice now and only complain in private. I’m satisfied with this. I don’t like Twilight because of her, so just as long as she plays her part and keeps her opinion to herself, we’re cool.


Danger In The Woods *Second DELETED SCENE From Twilight!!!!*

 I wish they would have left some of the Edward-in-a-sexy-white-jacket-scenes in the movie. I like this scene becauseit has the line, “I’m not the most dangerous thing out there.” *squeee!*