Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day One

This morning, Mini Edward and I embarked on our first great adventure. We were taking not one, but two flights today to get to Memphis for my Elvis vacation. I had to wake up super early since our plane left at 5 AM (Edward was already awake because, duh he doesn’t sleep. Not at all.)

We began the trip to the airport at 3:30 AM. 


Edward had to endure my sister swooning over him, and she admired the pea coat too.


Once at the airport, we had to wait for our bags to be checked, and Edward was getting a little antsy…


Oh, you want to go check out the news stand and see if there are any good books? Ok, we can go see what’s up.


Oh my gosh, Edward! Look what you found! I know, I totally need it on my very scary first flight, but my mom won’t let me buy ANOTHER copy. It’s going to be just you and me. 


We are finally up in there air. I’m keeping calm by looking at the gorgeous sunrise and of course, Edward is there to help me out.


Thanks for the Sprite, Edward! It totally made me feel better!


No, no Edward. I don’t need the vom bag. I’m totally fine. But thanks for caring so much!


I’m fine because we’ve finally landed! YEA! No more plane flying today! Now off to the rental car place…


What? NO SILVER VOLVOS TO RENT?! I know, it’s such an outrage! But don’t let that get to you, Edward. We have a ton of stuff to choose from to do today now that we are here. What would you like to see?


I know, there is a lot to choose from. I guess we will have to see what tomorrow brings…