Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day Two : Part One

After we had our rental, we drove from Memphis to Tupelo, Mississippi to see the house where Elvis was born. 



Edward had a great time there. Then we went to the main attraction, Graceland! We were so special, we were part of the Elvis Entourage! We got front of the line access and got to see an extra part of the house. Edward was so excited!


He begged me to take his picture in front of the house.


Edward also really liked the decor around the house. It was totally his style!


There are two lions in this picture!

I couldn’t get any good pictures inside the house since they don’t allow flash, but here is Edward chilling out in Elvis’s backyard.


We both really wanted to jump in the pool that Elvis has gone swimming in, but we showed restraint.


Then, it was on to the trophy hall, where Elvis kept all his awards and now they have some of his most famous outfits.


I know, Edward! Elvis was such a sharp dresser, especially in his movies.


Edward, you would look so good in that. I love when you wear a tux.

After Graceland, we got to go see Elvis’s planes, including the one he named after his daughter, the Lisa Marie.


This post will have to be continued, because my camera ran out of battery then (I took about 400 pictures at Graceland!) so the other pictures are on my sister’s camera. Part Two coming soon!



  1. LOL – great photos! Somehow lil’ Edward looks right at home in Graceland and next to all of the King’s finery (and you are so right – he would totally rock that tux!)…

  2. Looks like you had fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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