New Pictures From New Moon Set, The Bikes and The Beach (March 23, 2009)

Over on, there are some new pictures (well, new to me since I was on vacation) from the movie set of New Moon.

First, some shots were taken of Bella’s truck with the bikes in the back. These are from which should have some good scoop in the weeks to come. They live near where the filming is going on.

And here’s a good shot of Kristen as Bella on the beach. I read on several sites since I’ve been back that she and Taylor have already filmed the cliff-diving scene.


This picture was from SpoilerTV

Then there is a video from Borders bookstore with the cast all dressed for a New Moon promo photoshoot. Rob looks hot (as always), but Taylor somehow looks younger than he did in Twilight. Must be the haircut.


Mini Edward in Tennessee, Day Two: Part Two and Day Three


After we left Graceland, we went to Sun Studios! Being such a fan of 50’s music, Edward was very excited!


Edward and I had a lot of fun hanging out in the same place where all the greats like Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course, Elvis recorded music.


Edward wanted his picture taken with the picture of the “Million Dollar Quartet” they had outside on the side of the building. He fits right in!

After we left Sun Studios, it was time to go to the Heartbreak Hotel and get some shut eye before our flight the next morning. Edward had a lot of fun comparing hair-dos with Elvis


I do see a little bit of resemblence there, Edward! It’s cool, because it looks good on both of you!


The next morning, Edward did not want to get up (he wasn’t asleep because, duh, he can’t. But he was resting), but we had to because we were going to go sign the wall at Graceland


After he signed his name along with all the other fans, he decided to peek over the wall for one last look at the house.


Then it was one last picture by the gates…


and we went home our to plan out our trip for next year!