New Pictures From New Moon Set, The Bikes and The Beach (March 23, 2009)

Over on, there are some new pictures (well, new to me since I was on vacation) from the movie set of New Moon.

First, some shots were taken of Bella’s truck with the bikes in the back. These are from which should have some good scoop in the weeks to come. They live near where the filming is going on.

And here’s a good shot of Kristen as Bella on the beach. I read on several sites since I’ve been back that she and Taylor have already filmed the cliff-diving scene.


This picture was from SpoilerTV

Then there is a video from Borders bookstore with the cast all dressed for a New Moon promo photoshoot. Rob looks hot (as always), but Taylor somehow looks younger than he did in Twilight. Must be the haircut.




  1. OMG Rob is so freaking gorgeous! and hilarious! did you watch the commentary on the dvd?

    • No I haven’t had a chance yet! I’m going to clear about 3 hours tomorrow to do this, because I’ve been reading about him everywhere!

  2. be sure you pee before you sit down to watch it, if not you could possibly pee all over yourself from laughing so hard!

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