A Random Thought I’m Having…

Umm…does anyone think that Catherine Hardwicke is a little pervy? 

I’m watching/listening to the commentary on the Twilight DVD with Rob, Kristen and Catherine and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the commentary. Like, now. Go, put the DVD in, turn it on and watch this shiz so you can agree with me because she totally is. 

She tells Rob several times how good he looks in the certain scenes. I believe she actually uses the word “hunky”. When he makes a joke about how his hands look effimanite, she says, “What? Your hands are aweeesoome, dude.” She drawls it out, saying it like she’s imagined them on her body (Hey, haven’t we all?) She makes a lot of jokes like that toward him, and every time she responds to something he said, her voice gets lower and she talks slower like she’s talking to her lover (or someone she WANTS to be her lover). She must have some kind of crush on him. I don’t blame her or anything. How can I? Rob is sex personified, and you would have to be dead not to notice.

I first started having these thoughts when I watched the deleted scenes awhile back, before the DVD was out. I noticed she was squirming a lot in her seat when she did the intro for the extended kiss scene, like she was way excited for it. Once I had the DVD and watching the extended scenes (or deleted, I don’t remember which) and we came to the one titled “I Love When Boys Chase Me” and she did the intro for it, saying we were about to watch some “hot, bad vampire action!” and she did the squirm thing again, I knew it was going to be a little porny. She wouldn’t have been nearly bouncing out of her chair in excitement over it if it wasn’t. Watch the special features on the DVD and you’ll see what I mean.

By the way, how much more do you love Rob after listening to him on this commentary? Who knew he was so hilarious and random? I loved that about the GQ interview (that remark about Joe Jonas slayed me), but he is just so funny when he talks about the movie. I love how he’s so obsessed with his eyebrows. And I’m glad he brought that up about why James didn’t kill Bella at her house while he was watching her fight with her dad. I always wondered that too. Catherine should have thought that through more.

Rob’s comments really make watching the commentary worthwhile. To read the Entertainment Weekly article on the best of Rob’s commentary on the DVD, go here.




  1. I TOLD YOU THE COMMENTARY WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! Is he not freaking hilarious! talking about his eyebrows all of the time and then how he thinks that he looks like a dork whild trying to look scary! I love him so so so much more now! He is so funny!!!

  2. Congrats! I’m giving you this bloggy award!


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