New Moon Set At Night Pics (March 26, 2009)

Twilighters Anonymous has some pictures from one of their users tutor_girl22 of the New Moon set. They show the area that is believed to be Jacob Black’s house and even though we’ve seen these before during the day here, the place looks totally different at night. Definitely looks like a place where werewolves and vampires could be lurking.



You can view the whole gallery here


One Of My Favorite Fan Videos Ever

I think this girl is hilarious, and I love the way she edited her video to show what she was talking about as she was talking about it. The screaming fangirls  around her make me laugh, but I’m going to be real with myself. I know if I was part of a big crowd and I knew he couldn’t see me acting a fool, I would totally scream like that too.

Watch the whole thing, the end is what makes me laugh the most!