Kristen,Nikki and What’s-His-Face In Vancouver


Kristen, Nikki and her nobody boyfriend were in Vancouver for lunch this weekend. Look at her face as she looks at him. Almost like she wishes he was someone else…

Note the ensemble Mr.K-Stew is sporting. Seems like someone is trying a little too hard to look like this:

I see lots of similarities. Let’s make a list, shall we?

  1. He gelled what hair he does have to resemble the pure hotness that is the Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen Hair (It is THAT important, so it gets capitalized).  
  2. The messy scruff that on Rob looks extremely sexual, like he rolled out of bed with you that morning and he was so worn out from the nights activites that he was too tired to shave.  On Michael, it just looks like he’s trying too hard.
  3. The jacket and glasses that he went out and bought right after he saw that picture of Rob above. In fact, he just uses that entire picture as his fashion inspiration when he gets dressed in morning. Scruffy face? Check. Dark glasses? Check.  Messy, wrinkled Tshirt to wear under a button down and the leather jacket to complete the look? Check check.

Michael. No. Just no. You did a good job with your costume. In fact, you are wearing an outfit Rob would defintely wear himself, but you just need to stop trying. That kind of hotness cannot be copied. You fall so far short of the standard that Rob sets, even when he’s messy, that you just look a little silly. OK? So just go shave and take off the glasses, so I can stop laughing at you and go back to feeling sorry for you instead.




  1. LOL Look at Nikki’s face, she is like WTF Kristen! lol 🙂

  2. hahaha.

    i love this.

    reading your blog, i realized how sooooo right you are.

    there is only one ROB and how Kristen wishes …….

  3. If Jake Gyllenhaal and Rob had a baby it would be Oregano in this pic. Weird.

    I love Oregano. I could watch Sky High over and over. He was great in Lords of Dogtown. He’s done lots of good stuff. Sucks for him that the look right now happens to be Rob’s look. The hair and beard are fine, but maybe he shouldn’t wear a shirt so close to something Rob has been photographed in so often.

    • Haha I love it! He does kinda remind me of Jake Gyllenhaal there too. But yeah, I think Michael is a really good actor. I saw part of the movie he did with Kristen, “Speak” and he was very good in it. I also liked him as Jack’s son on Will and Grace too 🙂

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