New Shots Of Kristen and Taylor Filming New Moon Scenes (March 31, 2009)

Lainey Gossip is a pretty good source for news and pics about New Moon and today some pictures went up of Kristen and Taylor doing a scene in what’s supposed to be considered La Push. 

I’m a little concered about the hairpieces they are wearing. Not Taylor’s really, his looks about as good as it did in Twilight. I mean Kristen’s. Her hair is two different colors.

 Ouch, that looks a little painful.

But how are they going to fix her hair? I’m sorry, but Bella can’t be having a two-tone head. That shiz will be seriously distracting when I’m watching the movie, trying to mourn Rob/Edward’s absence.

There are a lot more pics over on the link, but here’s some Taylor for all you Team Jacob crazies that check in over here (I say that lovingly).

And there you go. Kinda a butt shot in that last one. Enjoy that only if you are under 18. I can’t comment on it yet because I don’t want Chris Hansen with this printed post in his hand busting in my apartment.

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  1. Enjoy that only if you’re under 18! LOL!

    Oh great, now when the movie comes out I’m going to be distracted by her hair. That’s what I get for obsessively looking for photos from the set, I suppose.

    • Yeah, I want to know what they are going to do to fix that. It’s concerning me.

  2. Other pics I’m seeing aren’t looking much better. Concerned.

  3. its called hair dye. duh

    • Uh yes, thank you for that. I never would have considered it myself! But they were already filming when these pictures were taken, so too late to dye her hair.

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