Taylor and Edi (Besties!) in Vancouver

Lainey Gossip has another post with pictures of the cast out and about in Vancouver while they are on breaks from filming. She seriously has some good sources.

I think it’s cute that Taylor and Edi hang out. You can tell from interviews they’ve done together they genuinely like each other and get along, which is cool since Taylor is so young. He must be somewhat mature and I get that vibe from him whenever I see him in interviews and stuff. He seems very level-headed and not fazed by all the craziness. I’m liking him more and more as I learn more about him. He seems like a good kid. (And I’m totally not counting down the days until he turns 18. That would make me a creeper and I’m definitely NOT a creeper. I just hope February gets here soon because…um…Valentine’s day! Yeah, that’s it! I love Valentine’s day!)

Edi and Taylor are both really nice, or so I’ve heard. My source is a girl who works at my favorite store in the mall, Lush (if you like to take bubble baths or like good smelling soaps, check them out!). I went in there one day with Jessie to introduce her to the wonderful world of bubble bars and shower jellies, and of course we were both representing with our Twilight tshirts. (If you want to find the Twi-hards out there among you, wear a Twilight shirt or carry around a Mini Edward. If they are as passionate about it as you are, you will be approached, and the first question is always inevitably “Edward or Jacob?”)

The girl behind the counter started talking Twilight with us and she said she had been to the Hot Topic Twilight tour before the movie came out and here in Houston, Edi, Taylor and Rachelle came to a local mall for the meet and greet. (Rob was oh so close in Dallas for the tour, and if I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have missed that for anything!) She reported that Taylor was GORGEOUS in real life and Rachelle was of course beautiful and they were all very sweet. I like to hear that. Not many people could stay sweet after signing 13 million autographs for screaming tweens.

BY THE WAY, I forgot to write about this, and I cannot see how I did that. It pissed me off so much that I pushed it from my mind.

When I was on my Memphis vacay, at one of the many airports we stopped at on the way, I decided to go buy a book to read to distract myself from the scariness of flying. When I was checking out, the girl helping me made a comment about my Twilight bag and we began debating Edward vs Jacob (she was mostly Team Switzerland, so we could talk).

As we were discussing the books and the movie, I, like I always try to do, brought up the subject of Rob and his hotness. A woman wandered in as we were talking and started listening to our conversation. She broke in and said, “Were you impressed with Rob as Edward?” (Um, my panties hitting the floor just at the mere MENTION of him should be proof enough!) When we both answered in the affirmative, she scoffed and said, “Yeah, he looks really cute in the movie, but I met him and he looks nothing like that. He’s just average.”

….Yeah, I’m just going to let that sink in for a minute….

OH HALE NO! Robert Pattinson can be described with many words: arousing, seductive, mind-blowingly handsome, funny, sexy, PERFECT. But never average!

I experienced such a wide range of emotions as I stood there. First, as I described above, outrage over her blatantly WRONG statement and disgust as I couldn’t believe she had actually voiced such a thing. Then pity, as I came to the conclusion that she must have had a horrible accident at some point in her life that affected either her vision or her brain. Then, I felt awe at being in the same room with someone who had actually met Rob, most likely TOUCHED HIM at some point, if only to shake his perfect hand that plays piano and guitar so beautifully. My voice actually shook a little as I said, “Y…You…met him?”

“Yeah, I work in TV, so I get to meet all those people.” This was said derisively, like she was so bored with her oh-so-glamorous life where she gets to fly all around the country meeting celebrities (INCLUDING ROB) and she didn’t want to talk about it. I’m so sorry lady, but you just can’t go throwing it around that you met Robert Pattinson and except no one to care. In fact, she will probably get cut or something one day for saying that around the wrong fangirl.

As I was on my flight later, reflecting, all I wanted to know was where the hell is that lady from that she thinks this


is “average”? And can I move there ASAP? Kthanx