C U L8r Sexy *EDIT*


 That’s the text Rob was sending me when this picture was taken.  He was just letting me know he was coming over later to have another one of our super fun sleepovers.

Look at that bitch in the leather jacket pretending like she isn’t trying to rub her ass on him. STEP OFF MY MAN, WHORE!

Seriously, it looks like someone took this picture using flash in a dark bar. How weird that must be for him when he can’t even hang out in dark places without being virtually harassed. It’s times like this when I get worried that he’s going to get so (understandably) sick of all the crazy attention and just drop off the face of the earth and live in obscurity the rest of his life.

Like when all those rumors were going around that he never showers? Seriously people, that is ridic. He said that like, A MILLION years ago in an interview before Twilight came out when he was asked how he got his hair to look like that. He wasn’t freaking serious! And now that there is virtually no news with New Moon to report, some bored people had to go dig all that back up again and try to make something out of it. 

Sometimes, I really despise being part of a fandom that is made up of mostly 13 year old girls. But then I go and re-read Twilight and I shake it off.


I took the picture down because it has since been revealed that the picture was taken without Rob’s permission with the intent of giving to the press, and that’s just wrong. Im not going to support that, since it is exactly what I was writing about in the post above. If you really want to see the picture (it’s nothing sensational, just Rob trying to send a text message in private), I’m sure you can find it with google. I used a picture of my cat being a lazy beotch instead. Thanks PillowBiters, for keeping me in the loop!