Wal-Mart Sucks

No one was more exited for the Twilight merch to hit Wal Mart than me. Jeremy and I do all our grocery shopping there, and we go there A LOT. I was looking forward at having access to new (and cheap!) Twilight stuff like the buttons and bags.

I called Wal Mart several times a week trying to find out when the launch of their “Twilight store” would be. I’m sure the employees hated me. I kind of hated them back. No one would ever give me a straight answer. Sometimes I heard, “Come  tomorrow.”. Other times I heard, “Um..I’m not sure…”, like they had no idea what Twilight even was, but they knew about the rabid fangirls, and they were trying to give me an answer that would keep me calm.

Finally, the week it launched, Jessie and I went to her Wal Mart and bought a whole bunch of buttons, tees and bags. I was pretty pleased with the selection, and the prices too (6 buttons for 5 bucks, when 1 button costs 2.99 at Hot Topic!). When I got back home, I saw that my Wal Mart had pretty much the same merchandise and I looked forward to going with Jeremy so we could look at all of it together (plus so he could buy me stuff too).

So that brings us to tonight. Jeremy is gone, in New York City again for a big work project (blah), so after I got out of class tonight, I decided to go to Wal Mart and buy myself some Twilight buttons or something to cheer myself up.

You would not believe what I encountered there if you didn’t have photographic proof, so I took pictures. Excuse the crappy cell phone camera quality.

This is what I saw first, on the wall for the T shirts.


Ok, that’s fine. Four shirts to choose from. That’s cool. Usually the buttons are on display right next to the shirts, but they weren’t there. A bunch of fug purses were instead. Ok, maybe the buttons were moved. I turned around to look for them.


Umm, ok. No buttons, only one thing Twilight related on the entire shelf, and some boxes shoved in the way. 


And this was on the shelf they have for the books and the movie. Instead, as you can see, there are Doritos, which have nothing to do with Twilight whatsoever.

It didn’t get better. The shirts and that one bag were the only Twilight related things in the FUCKING TWILIGHT SECTION. No buttons, no books, no posters, no keychains, NOTHING.

Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I turned away from the so called “Twilight section” and walked away, I noticed there was SHIT on the floor. Like, actual shit. It looked like someone had tracked it in on their shoe, so I’m going to assume it was of the dog variety, but I didn’t stay to investigate. I left, disgusted in more ways than one, and started planning a phone call to Wal Mart to ask them WTF is up with all of that.

Has anyone else had this problem at their Wal Mart? I hope you haven’t had the same experiece with the shit, but how is your Wal Mart at keeping Twilight stuff stocked? Or is your Twilight store like mine, dusty and pretty much forgotten?


Robert Pattinson In Dossier Magazine


So I have never even heard of  Dossier magazine, but they did a sexy photo shoot with Rob (and could he ever do an UNsexy photo shoot? I think not). I love all these pictures, but I could have done without the pink stars all over them. It’s a little annoying.