I’m Laughing So Hard, I’m Crying!

Check out this hilarious video of Rob as several Chippendales! I nearly peed myself, no lie!


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Dossier Pictures Without The Useless Pink Stars

I go to Robsessed anytime I need a pick-me-up, since they post Rob pictures and gifs daily. Today, I was ever so thankful to see they had the hot pictures from Dossier magazine, but without the stupid pink stars. Enjoy!

My mouth is actually watering. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tight pants

My mouth is actually watering. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tight pants


You need some chapstick? Cuz I'm wearing some...




I hope to be reincarnated as that cigarette

 Yes, you are totally welcome.


Taylor Lautner On The Set Of New Moon: The Movie Theater Scene (April 7, 2009)

**Spoiler Alert  (if you haven’t read New Moon)** 

Check out vancityallie.comto see a really cool fan account (plus pictures) of meeting Taylor Lautner on the set of New Moon as they were filming some scenes for New Moon. These would be when Bella goes to the movies with Jessica right after The Breakup, and of course when Bella goes on the awkward date with Jacob AND Mike. That should be a funny scene.



I think that’s really nice of him to come out and greet the fans. He seems like a really sweet guy.