OME! Over 400 Views!

Today we had a record number of views, 427 to be exact! That’s a WHOLE lot of views for us; our usual number is about 100, and it only recently got that high.

A lot of you are finding us doing searches on New Moon set happenings (in fact, even though it’s old, this post has been the top post every day for the past week).  I may be a little slow at posting about New Moon movie stuff, but I’m just as excited about this as you all are, and I promise I will keeping up with all that here, as much for myself as for you guys. To find all the New Moon movie happenings we’ve posted about, search for “New Moon movie” in our tags.

I just wanted to say hello to all the new readers, and let all of you know that comments are really appreciated, and we try hard to respond to every one we get! 

I hope you enjoy what you read here, and if love reading Twilight blogs (I know I do!), check out the blogs we have linked to. They are all pretty amazing and hilarious!


P.S – To show how much I care, here are some of my favorite Twilight gifs! (These came from photobucket. Enjoy!)






Thanks guys!



  1. Congrats on all the hits – your blog cracks me up & you deserve the love!

    Plus that “Diet Pepsi/scary TwiMoms” gif is hysterical!!

    And just to do a little comparison shopping, I went to Wal-Mart today. Whitley, I hate to break it to you, but your Wal-Mart sucks. Big-time (I am sorry). I will be posting the world’s longest “P.S.” to you on my next post to give you all the details [as soon as I get off my lazy butt and get it written…].

    : )

    • Oh don’t apologize lol. I know they suck majorly, as do most things around here. I can’t wait to read your post!

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