Rob Spotted On New Moon Set *Edit* Now With Kristen And Nikki Pictures


Peek a boo!

Peek a boo!

New Moon has a fan picture of Rob secretly trying to leave the Forks High School set in Vancouver.

I love this because look at Rob’s face, and then look at the bodyguard’s face. It’s like the entire emotional spectrum is represented here. Rob is smiling (a little devilishly, I might add!), and the bodyguard has decided he isn’t going to deal with any of this “fangirls” shit. Look how he has a protective hand on the door. He isn’t fucking around. Try to get anywhere near that car, and he will END you.

Yeah, this is pretty much one of my most favorite pictures ever now.


Thanks to Pillow Biters, we now have an extra picture of Kristen leaving the set, and even though she’s hard to spot, Nikki Reed is right beside her.


Happy Birthday Kristen!

I was planning on continuing with my Bad Pictures of the Cast series by posting about Kristen today, but since it’s her birthday, I’m going to be nice. So…Happy 19th Birthday Kristen! I hope you enjoy your day, and maybe you get some birthday lovin from Rob. If I were you, I would be all up on that. It would be like my birthday EVERY day!


New Moon Movie Post: A Quick Rundown (April 9, 2009)

There has been some news from the set I haven’t been able to keep up with (damn my life outside Twilight!), so here’s a rundown of all the important stuff.

Twi Crack Addict is an amazing blog that posts daily about the happenings from the set. They even have a little sidebar for all these posts called “Set Stalking Central”, where all the news from the set is tagged. You can check them out to stay updated on pictures and fan accounts.

 Here’s a run down of some of the major events taking place.

The new location for Forks High School has been found.You can see from the pictures the blue pillars and the multicultural flags along with the round tables have been added in the cafeteria to recreate the set from Kalama High School, which was filmed as Forks High in Twilight

Here is a video of the location they are using for the new Forks High parking lot. It looks pretty much the same to me, so that’s good.

This annoying beotch from Entertainment Tonight is twittering from the set. Seriously, it’s just pissing me off because she’s not actually saying anything, just teasing everyone. I kind of hate Twitter anyway (it looks so confusing), but this is just making it worse.

More “Forks High School” set pictures. Trees have been added to recreate the look of Washington.

This Vancouver newspaper revealed the name of the location being used for Forks High so then fans swarmed the set with cameras and got some pictures of the cast (most of them are shielded from pictures with umbrellas), and Stephaine herself was spotted.

Here are some pictures of the Forks High School lobby, including some T shirts and caps they are using for display

Finally, a fan saw Robert Pattinson on set during a photoshoot that could possibly be promo pictures for the film.

Whew. Thanks to Twi Crack for the resources to put that all in a time line. So now we are all caught up.

Is anyone else ridiculously excited for this yet? I know it’s WAY early for this, but I’m already thinking of the game plan for the midnight showing. I didn’t have to plan for the Twilight midnight show, since I wasn’t even aware of what I was missing out on then, and my mom took care of all that.

I’m not sure what time those people who were first in line for Twilight got to the movies, but I WILL be first in line here for New Moon. I don’t want to have to deal with bitches cutting in line (like we did for Twilight. I thought my mom was going to shank her, for reals).

I also don’t want to get stuck behind any idiots. You know who I’m talking about. They are reason the rest of us are ashamed to admit we are Twilighters. These are the kids that still don’t know how to act like normal human beings in public. While they wait in line, they like to pass the time by sporadically screaming “OMG!!! I’m SO Team Edward!”, sometimes next to your ear, and they have loud discussions about their opinion of the books, like anyone else in the world gives a flying fuck. (We were in front of one of these for the line for the DVD release and I nearly committed murder. She and her friends were actually kicking around an empty Coke bottle and laughing like fucking lunatics about it. I wanted to turn around, take off my flip flop and beat her to death with it, and that’s being kind.)

Also, I wonder if movie theaters have WiFi anywhere. I know they probably don’t, since people go to the movies to be entertained there and don’t need internet, but I want to do some posts while waiting in line, since I plan to be there for hours. I’m going to look like a total crazo calling around to theaters to ask them about this, but I do not care.

Soon I’m going to start mapping out the little things, like my outfit. I will be wearing a Team Edward shirt because I gotta represent.

Is anyone already making plans for the release of New Moon? Are you planning on going with some fellow Twi-hards or are you going with some people you’re trying to convert? And what time are you going to show up?