The Cullens Spotted Around Vancouver


Looking muscular

Looking muscular

Kellan, Peter, Elizabeth, and Ashley (who if you don’t know who they are, play Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and Alice in Twilight) were all seen in Vancouver this week, says (as always) Lainey Gossip. She seriously gets the best pictures.

Anyway, there are no Rob pictures here, so I’m a little hard pressed to care personally, but I know there are a few Team Emmett girls out there and he looks pretty delish in these pictures, if I do say so myself. Peter’s not looking bad either, although it’s still really hard for me to look at him and not be reminded of this:

Hehe. “Aman-DUH!” Ah, it gets me everytime. That’s one of the greatest movies ever,  BTW. So quotable.

Anyway, here are some more pics, and you can check out the rest in full size over on Lainey Gossip.


Totally cute!

Totally cute!

And the end of her post Lainey mentions more Twilight news and pictures coming soon, so hopefully there will be pictures of Rob. I think it’s pretty ghey pants that there weren’t any this time.



  1. LOL! Mike Dexter! I love to hate that guy!

    • Love him in this movie! Also, Seth Green is hilarious too. I’m laughing right now thinking of that part where Denise walks in on him in the bathroom!

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