Umm…OK….I Feel Uncomfortable *EDIT*

So Kristen was spotted in Vancouver today. Nothing weird about that. She looks cute here, and she actually waved and smiled at the photographers (I think she might have been doing this sarcastically, but whatev. We are taking baby steps here).

The thing that is just so weird and random is that while she was unloading the vehicle and getting her shit, John Corbett walked up with his dogs and just started talking to her and getting all touchy-feely!

FYI: For all of you who are like, “Who the F is John Corbett?” right now, he played Adian on Sex and the City (I’m glad Carrie didn’t end up with him!) and he was also on this show in the early 90’s called Northen Exposure. Oh yeah, and he played Ian Miller (the guy she marries) in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Here is his IMDB page and it has pictures on there of how cute he USED to be. *sigh* Now he just looks lke the weird old guy that’s friends with your dad.

Did I miss something? Do they know each other? Was he waiting for her? WTF?


So it turns out that I DID miss something. They do know each other because they both were in the movie “The Messengers”, which I remember I never saw because it looked creepy as shit. Thanks to 86 Rabbit for pointing that out to me because it would have bugged me forever!

Totally awkward…like when you’re out in public and you see that person you kinda know and you DO like them, but you don’t really have anything to talk to them about so…you just…make small talk for awhile and then…there’s nothing else to talk about and it just turns weird.




I can just hear her saying, "Yeah...a-actually I have t-to go..."

And then he just turns creeperish:

Ewww. I just want to run up to her and grab her hand so we can run away from him together. I carry mace. So…people don’t mess with me.

On to more pleasant things now. Also pictured in Vancouver on Lainey’s post are some members of the Wolf Pack that we will be seeing in New Moon. First is Chaske Spencer, who will be playing Sam Uley.

I’m a little confused at what is going on here in this picture. Why are his hands like that, and what’s so funny about it?

Next is Bronson Pelletier, who will be playing Jared.

Yeah, he’s kinda cute. Looks a little fed up with the paparazzi attention already. Who wouldn’t be?



  1. Ok, I checked out the IMDB and mystery solved. John Corbett was in The Messengers with Kristen, so they are just catching up here.

    As far as Kristen being nice to the photogs, I think she’s really trying. I’m hoping what we’re seeing here is a new attitude made possible by new perspective. She never signed up for Twilight the Blockbuster. She signed up for Twilight the Indie Flick. Now, I think, she’s moved on to New Moon with eyes open. She made that comment to the press that she was thinking about quitting. I thought she might have been trying to get fired around that time because her attitude was really bad. But shortly thereafter she was smiling and saying nice things. I think she just decided that she was sticking around and it has lifted her spirits. Sure, I think she’ll always be a little snarky, but I like a little snarky.

    • I totally love her snarkiness too, it’s certainly something different, and it keeps it from getting boring. I totally understand why she doesn’t want to be nice to the photogs though, in a fan meeting account, she talked about how they always call her a bitch to her face. But I think you are right about the “new attitude” as well. I’m glad she didn’t quit because the rest of the movies would suck without her IMO.

      And thank you for clearing that up for me about John Corbett. I was like, “Why?” I totally forgot either of them had done that movie lol

  2. Is that guy HUGE? I don’t recall Kristen Stewart being particularly short but she looks like a midget compared to him!

    • Yeah, I think he’s super tall. I remember him always looking very big next to SJP on Sex and the City.

  3. ewww he looks like chester molester!!! gross! anyways I hope Kristen’s attitude has changed becasue she would have a lot of people hating her if she quit, I don’t think she knows what would happened. She has sold her soul….I”m just saying……

  4. omg! that is totally creep-tastic! i used to have a big ol’ crush on him….now he’s all “hey kid you wanna pet my pooch!” YIKES!

    hilarious blog!

    • Thanks! I’m linking to you now!

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