New Entertainment Tonight Promotion Clip

I’m so freakin excited for this!

This clip is like the last one, but has a bit more footage. I love when Rob says, “It’s going to live up to the hype.”

Anyone else laugh when the interviewer asks Taylor, “Are you single?” and the dramatic music plays?

Taylor Lautner Pumping It On The Set Of New Moon (April 18, 2009)

Haha not really, he’s just working out. I bet I get a lot of views on this post because of the title though. Pervs. (BTW, to the person that found this blog by searching for “hot young girls” on wordpress, I just want to tell you I’m sorry. I can imagine how disappointed you were when you found your way here. The closest thing we have to porn is this, and while I certainly enjoy it,  I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly what you were looking for. A little tip though, perhaps wordpress isn’t the best place to be looking for stuff like that? Kthanxbai.)

Here are a bunch of pictures of Taylor Lautner working out in between takes on the New Moon set. Lainey says this is because he will be doing a few “topless” scenes, and he wants to be prepared.

There is also a fascinating video of him working out.

I’m not sure what all the loud noises in the video are, but I don’t appreciate them and neither does my cat Kitty. She got scared and ran away when I was trying to watch this and cuddle her at the same time.

There are a ton of pictures with the post, and I must say that Taylor looks pretty hot here. So hot that I’m going to finally tag a post about him with, “Sexy”. Now lets hope I don’t get arrested.

He looks mildly chipmunkish in this one, but thats ok

Ok. I died laughing at his face in this one. He looks just mildly chipmunkish.


 The hilarious picture above is going to stay with me awhile. I’m going to be sitting in class next week, just minding my own business and then this is going to pop in my mind and I will be in hysterics all over again, seemingly for no reason. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

Check out Lainey Gossip to see more pictures of Taylor working out (especially the chipmunk one! You’ll love it), and to see all of these in full size.

Where are the pics and video of Rob working out? He has to be shirtless too!