Rob Pattinson In Vancouver (April 20, 2009)

Rob, his Nikes and his sexy hair were walking around Vancouver yesterday and he was, unusually enough, looking pretty hot. I know, right? Rob never looks hot, so this is weird!

Here he is with some water, coffe and some kind of burrito for breakfast:

And here he is looking pretty James Dean in the black and white, standing in front of a sign:

And here he is reading one of the many sexy texts I send him throughout the day:

And then this is Rob going into some building:

I really do curse that sign being in the way. This could have been a PERFECT ass shot.

Check out the post at, (where else?) Lainey Gossip to see the rest. There are a ton more.




  1. Why did he go all skinny-n-shizz for New Moon? I like the slightly plumper Robward from Twilight….can he please come back for Eclipse?!

    • I really didn’t notice a diff until you said something. He is looking a little slim. On Lainey’s blog, she said he was going to be working out for some scenes in New Moon. Maybe he will bulk up?

      Either way, he’s sexy!

  2. I’m sure Summit insisted on him working out more. Taylor did all that bulking up, and Edward really shouldn’t be out-done.

    As far as that sign goes, I believe it’s perfectly placed. We now know exactly how to get into Rob’s pants. It’s as easy as pressing a button.

    • I love you. You see the positive in everything!

  3. Well, what could be more positive than a giant Push To Open button on Rob’s pants!

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