The Wolf Pack: First Official Picture

Ok, ok. I will go clean and stuff right AFTER I post this. USA Today had this picture that goes along with an excellent article about how the Quileute boys were cast along with some explanation of the special effects to be used during the phasing scenes.

Hot picture. The one on the far left is Alex Meraz, who will be playing Paul. Everyone has been going on for weeks about how hot he is, and I agree, he is very nice looking. But I just can’t crush on him because he kinda looks like/reminds me of one of my ex boyfriends who thought he was hot shit but was really just kind of annoying. So everyone that doesn’t see Alex as tainted, dream away.

Ok, NOW I’m off to clean and stuff. Promise.


Bella Swan Makes Me Self-Conscious

I’m reading Twilight for the umpteenth time this week. My only copy of the book is being loaned out and I was having withdrawal pains, so Jeremy sweetly bought me another copy when we were at the the dreaded Wal Mart last week when he was home for a break.

As I am reading it again (I’m on Chapter 3), I’m struck by something I noticed the first few times I read the book. Bella is one responsible girl. She does the shopping for groceries, and actually knows what to buy once she’s there, AND she can cook the groceries into an actual dinner, THEN to top it all off she does her homework when she’s done! Also, in her spare time, she cleans the house.

In comparison, Jeremy and I go to the store on the hunt for groceries and end up spending about 70 bucks on stuff like Spaghettios and Chicken Noodle soup. I can only cook a few actual meals, and buy the time I’m done cooking, I’m just so tired of being in the kitchen I don’t even want to clean up, much less do my schoolwork after, and I never clean the apartment. Literally, it’s a mess right now.

This is one thing that has always bugged me when people try to claim Bella isn’t a good role model for young girls because she “fawns so much over a boy. Is that the message we want to be sending?”. I happen to think Bella really has her shiz together, before and after she meets Edward. She’s very astute and mature, and meeting Edward does not change this about her. You can fall in love with someone and still be yourself, which I don’t think young girls hear enough these days.

This evening, while I was attempting to read the first time biology conversation between Edward and Bella (damn math class, distracting me when I’m trying to read), I noticed something about Bella which ties into my point above. When they are done with their experiement and Edward says to her, “It’s too bad about the snow.”, Bella says, “Not really.” which then led to a discussion of how she really felt about her new home. This is important, I think, because she actually spoke her mind and didn’t lie to him just to go along with what he was saying. I know that Edward was just trying to make small talk with her to try to figure her out, but it would have been a totally different story had Bella lied just to agree and said instead, “Yeah, I really wanted it to snow. I love the snow and the wet!”. That’s not her personality at all, and Edward wouldn’t have gotten to know the “real” her since he can’t read her mind, just like the human guys women try to date all the time. When it comes to dating and meeting new people, everyone needs to be reminded that it’s ok to be yourself.  

Some people probably think I’m reading too much into this, but it’s just little things like that peppered throughout the book that remind me just how smart and different Bella really is. So, in honor of that, I’m actually *GASP* going to clean up the apartment before I go to bed and do my homework a week early (since I usually do it right I have the class it’s due in). I’m going to try to stop procrastinating so much and actually do what I should be doing.

And oh yeah, and look up a few recipies while I’m at it.