The Wolf Pack: First Official Picture

Ok, ok. I will go clean and stuff right AFTER I post this. USA Today had this picture that goes along with an excellent article about how the Quileute boys were cast along with some explanation of the special effects to be used during the phasing scenes.

Hot picture. The one on the far left is Alex Meraz, who will be playing Paul. Everyone has been going on for weeks about how hot he is, and I agree, he is very nice looking. But I just can’t crush on him because he kinda looks like/reminds me of one of my ex boyfriends who thought he was hot shit but was really just kind of annoying. So everyone that doesn’t see Alex as tainted, dream away.

Ok, NOW I’m off to clean and stuff. Promise.




  1. Oh…wow. I’m. Actually. Speechless.

    • I know! This is a nice shot. If I didn’t have such love for the Cullens, this would be enough to make me change teams!

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