Sexiest Outtakes Ever

Some outtakes from the famous (and it’s famous at my house, since it has been my favorite cast photo shoot so far) V Man photo shoot have been released and yes, they are really freaking hot.

The thing I love most about this photo shoot is that, no matter what team you are on, there’s a little bit here for everyone. Rob is the hottest, of course, but Kellan and Jackson also look pretty good, and so do Cam and Taylor.

Rob and that damn beanie. I’m pretty much shocked he isn’t wearing the Nikes as well. The beanie has it’s place, sure, but he looks SO much better without it, when we can see the sex hair.

What’s going on here? Are we doing the pledge?

This is the obligatory “Everyone make a shocked face” picture the photographer asked for. Some got into it more than others (*ahem* Taylor). I like to imagine the photographer said, “Picture hundreds of fangirls and Twi-moms running toward you right now.” Jackson’s reaction is very comical.

I’m sorry, my brain just melted. Hotness overload. Are there other things in this picture besides Rob and that look on his face?

You can see the rest and some of the old ones over on Radar Online.


Entertainment Tonight Promo Three

Ok, I’m grateful and all to ET  for getting all this good scoop and sharing it with us, but I do wish they would have put a little variety into these promo clips. I mean, didn’t they know that there are those of us out there that watch every single one? I don’t want to see the same into over and over again.

Anyways, this one is my favorite so far because you can actually see a scene being filmed between Bella and Jacob. On one hand, I wish it was a Bella and Edward scene, but I know that those scenes are going to be the most emotional ones, and I want to wait to see those until the movie comes out.

I’m sorry, but I’m having all sorts of issues with the cast’s hair this time. First Kristen had weird hair pieces, then they totally destroyed Jasper’s head (IMO), and now Taylor’s wig is looking so busted. Hopefully this is not too distracting but I’m betting it won’t be so bad when we see the movie. As long as they don’t mess with Edward’s hair, I’m not too upset.


I Need Help

I had to take my little brother Jacob to the doctor today and I was filling out some forms for him. I came to the spot for name and y’all, I had to stop myself from filling in “Jacob Black” instead of “Jacob (our last name)”

I called my mom to tell her and after she laughed at me for a few minutes, she told me, “You need a 12 step program.”

I’m inclined to agree with her.

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