I Need Help

I had to take my little brother Jacob to the doctor today and I was filling out some forms for him. I came to the spot for name and y’all, I had to stop myself from filling in “Jacob Black” instead of “Jacob (our last name)”

I called my mom to tell her and after she laughed at me for a few minutes, she told me, “You need a 12 step program.”

I’m inclined to agree with her.

We have moved our blog! To see more recent New Moon stuff and crazy stories, check us out at  Twilog.net




  1. hahah that’s so cute. I love you blog, its my favorite site right now.

    • Thanks so much for reading us, and I hope to see you around more! 🙂

  2. It’s ok Whitley! I called my kid Edward…and I’m still hearing about it…6 months later!

    • Oh, now that is funny! Yeah, at least this didn’t happen to me in front of witnesses, just a private battle within my head haha.

  3. haha Whitley when you start that 12 step program let me know. i need it too. =D

    • Sure thing! I bet I could find a lot patients to go to Twi-hab with me.

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