Entertainment Tonight New Moon Coverage (April 23, 2009)

These are already on the internet in HQ, and the show isn’t even done over here yet.

There’s going to be more stuff tomorrow, because ET likes to drag out these big exclusive stories to get more viewers all week.

I LOL’d when during a commercial break, a local commercial urging you to give blood aired. I was like, “Oh, I would give blood alright. TO EDWARD!”

I hope we see more of scenes being filmed on the segment tomorrow, I thought that was pretty cool.  Is it sad that I’m looking forward to hearing what Rob is going to say about having a girlfriend? And he’s also going to address the rumors about him and Kristen.


Ok, I’m watching my replay on the DVR and I think it’s funny/cute how when Kristen was saying, “You’ll get more Robert Pattinson than you’d expect.” she stammered on saying his name.  It’s because she loves him, right?

And another thing. What a freaking cop out in the second clip when they promise, “Now! The truth about the hunk’s REAL LIFE LOVE LIVES!” and they ask Taylor all this shiz where he basically answers the question and saus no girlfriend.

Then they get to Rob, who gets basically told a statement we all know is true, “If you even talk to a girl, she’s your girlfriend.” and he says, “That happened before too!*sexy laugh*” Then they show her asking, “If you had a sister, would you want her to date Edward or Jacob?”

Ok, first of all, he actually DOES have a sister. He has TWO in fact. Way to do research, miss interviewing lady. Rob answers, “Edward is wealthier. *laughs*” and that’s the end of the segment. No answer to the question of if Rob has a girlfriend or not. Of course not. That will probably be the last piece of footage they air about New Moon, because they want everyone to watch their show and they know so many of us are watching for an answer to that question.

And you know what? I’m going to play right into their hands. Because I want to know what he’s going to say. Even though I know those kind of answers are rarely honest, I still want to see him talk about it.

I’m hoping we get some screenshots soon. Taylor was looking hot and muscular in all the scene’s they showed being filmed. We even saw them at the movies! If some come out (and they will, Twilight fans are resourceful beotches), I will update and post them here.





  1. Whoa, I wonder what he will say hehe.

    • That is an excellent question lol. I just want to see him get flustered and stammer about it, it’s so cute!

  2. I was like not only does he have a sister, he kinda has TWO of them. Good research ET. But, you know what… I’m right there with you “tuning in” — Rob can stare at the screen and never speak and I’d watch.

    • Yeah, crappy journalism on their part. I know if I worked there and I got to interview him, I would have NO problem at all researching him lol.

      Thanks for commenting!

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