Twilight Saga Cakes For All Occasions

I check my little square on my blog page every day, and it tells me what all you guys are searching for when you find this blog. Of course lately we’ve been getting a lot of searches for “New Moon set” and “Robert Pattinson girlfriend” and today we got “Kristen Stewart in Vankuver” (really? I mean, really).

But I’ve been noticing that for the past few weeks, we’ve had a ton of people looking for Twilight cakes. Everyone has found this post I did over a month a go for Jeremy’s birthday, but over on, I found a post with some amazing cakes inspired by Twilight, so I’m going to post some of my favorites here, since a lot of you are looking for them.


This one is really beautiful. I love the funky way it’s stacked and the little book cakes are adorable. 


I really like this one because someone spent a lot of time working on the icing and the font on the books. It looks delicious!



This one is simple, but the beauty is in the details. I love the diamond ring and the paw print on top.


This one is breath-taking.  The font on the book is perfect and the shading on the hands is exact. I also love the extra touch of the ribbon book mark.


Hahaha, this made me laugh because it’s so freaking cute! A little Edward lounging on top, plus some cute quotes, this cake has it all!

I did some looking around on my own, and here are a few more really cool ones I found.







There are some really beautiful and creative cakes out there, and these were a few of my favorites. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of these as wedding cakes, they are so gorgeous and elaborate. I think I know what kind of cake I’m getting for my birthday!

Is anyone else craving sweets now?



  1. wow!!!! those are eamazing. i want cake really bad now though which is not so good. also let’s see………..oh right, come see all my rob porn on my lil page. and comment!!

    • Sure, I love Rob porn! Send the link on over!

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