More VMan Outtakes, No Rob This Time

I’ll admit, I’m pretty annoyed there were no Rob pictures in this final batch, but I’ll live. Taylor looks so freaking cute in all these I can manage.

These are from Radar Online and you can view the entire slideshow there.




When I went to tag this post, I accidently typed in Kellan Lust! Wow, what a Freudian slip!


Fan Pics of Rob Leaving The Set This Morning (April 30, 2009)

Some lucky bitches were hanging out by the set this morning and Rob stopped to talk and sign autographs before he left. RobPattzNews on Twitter has the pics.

But here is his face when he first saw them.


Ummm…Rob? How ’bout you never make this face again, mmk? You look like some kind of demented penguin, and that’s not cool. I’m scared of penguins.


Much better. Now just look like you’re really concerned with signing this book.

You can see more pics of early morning Rob taken at the same times as the ones above, but from different angles on TwiCrack Addict.


This Is What Our Kid Is Going To Look Like!


ET had a quick clip about some super adorable baby pictures of Rob Pattinson. They got their hands on several, and all I can say is AWWWWW!

Check out the rest of the screenshots from the video over on Twilight Poison.