Site Annoucement

I have been complaining a lot lately about where we host the blog. It’s not that I don’t like wordpress,  because I do, I really do. But they have this pesky rule about not accepting certain codes and all that means to me is I can’t have any cool widgets with New Moon countdowns or Rob picture of the day in the sidebar.

So Jeremy told me today before he left that he bought and we will be moving the blog over there shortly. He said a bunch of other stuff, but it involved computers, so all I heard was “Blah blah blah” or possibly what Charlie Brown heard when his teacher talked, so I’m not really sure when this will be taking place since Jeremy is still on business in NYC. But I did pay attention when he told me we would be able to have any kind of widget I want, so I’m pretty excited. He also said we will host the blog in both places for a little while (don’t ask me how, he might as well be speaking another language when he talks about technical stuff) so don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere for awhile.

Also, an update on the contest we were considering running here on Twilog. 26 people voted in our poll and 25 of you said you want to compete for free stuff, so we will go ahead and do that some time soon, probably sometime after the move. Much thanks to all of you that voted, and if you have any suggestions of types of games or contests or any feedback on what you want to win, please shoot us an email or comment to let us know!

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