New Moon Set: Edward As An Apparition (May 4, 2009)

Lainey Gossip has some more pictures from the New Moon set where they are filming the scene where Bella first hears Edward’s voice, warning her against danger. To have Rob/Edward more present in the movie (they know their audience!), they have decided to actually “show” Edward speaking to her so we all get our fix. This is one change from the book I don’t have a problem with at all.

This is a picture I found from flickr that actually shows them arguing for the scene.

I’m a little worried as to how this will turn out, because it just seems really out there, but I’m hopeful. Rob and Kristen have the potential to do a good job with this.

See Lainey’s page to see the rest of the on set pictures and read her write up.


Well, not really “PROOF”, it’s actually just “supporting evidence” on my theory that Rob and Kristen are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

I’m guessing this was last night. Rob and Kristen went to see Sam Bradley play at a show for charity. They were photographed “canoodling” (that’s how tabloids always describe it right?) by some people who work for Lainey Gossip and PopSugar.


That isn’t the only picture and I’m really pissed because it’s not letting me save them. To see the rest, check out the slide show at the PopSugar link above.

****UPDATE*****I finally found the pictures I wanted to post so now I can actually post the ones I liked the best. I found these over at Robsessed, so thanks to them for these pics!


That is the luckiest beer bottle in the freakin’ universe right there.


Oh Rob. So drunky drunk, but I love you so. And what the hell is Kristen doing rubbing her ass all over that guy when Rob is like a foot away? She needs to move it over a few feet to grind on Rob instead. He looks like he wouldn’t mind much.

Ok, now the PROOF I was talking about. Just look at their faces.


See! SEE! I mean, they are practically making out right there. I know it’s a bar, and it’s probably loud but they don’t need to look into each other’s eyes like that to speak to each other. That last picture says it all to me. I just want to draw a heart around both their heads because they are IN LUURRVVVEEE!

Short of a sex tape, this all the proof I need to see they like each other. AND THAT’S OK! I know she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that she went blind. I mean, who wouldn’t have a crush on Rob? It’s like a law of psychics or something. If you spend a lot of time with him, you will love him.

I can’t wait to see this chemistry on the screen in New Moon. So exciting!