My Little Brother On Robward

I’m watching Twilight over at my mom’s house and my little brother is in the room, playing some dumb game on the computer. The dinner date scene is on and he swiveled his chair around to watch. I thought, “Awww! Look at that! He’s learning from Edward!”

But I was wrong. Way wrong.

My little brother Jacob looks over to me before turning back to the computer and says, “That guy has a butt chin.”

My face instantly wrinkled in annoyance, and stuck there while I tried to figure out what to say. I felt like Bella at the end of Twilight when Edward says he’s leaving, a big stuttering mess. “Um, it’s called a CLEFT in his chin, and he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever SEEN, so shut up!” was the best I could come up with.

Without missing a beat or looking up from his game, he said, “I just think it’s really weird you like guys with butt chins, Whitley.”

Isn’t that just something someone named JACOB would say about Edward/Rob? He’s a mouthy kid.

Feeling the Blues

I just finished with all my finals and I’m feeling pretty blah. I’m just hoping that I passed everything and I’m worried about GPA. It doesn’t even make any sense. I want to be a librarian, not a scientist, so I shouldn’t even have to take physical geology. *stamps foot*

Anyway, I’m watching Twilight to cheer myself up. One of my favorite parts, the biology scene, just happened. Oh, Robward. That Jizz In My Pants moment gets me everytime.

Since I know there are a lot if us dealing with finals blues right now, here are some amusing fan vids about Twilight. I like these because I have a short attention span.

I also laugh at the “It’s Robert Pattinson, Bitch” videos too. There are three, and I hope she makes many more because I would watch and love them all!

Enjoy, everyone! More posts to come soon.