Rob Pattinson Out And About In California

These pictures are from Saturday afternoon, before he had dinner with the cast and a sexy rendevous with Kristen. He left a studio in Venice, California and was seen holding a CD and a script. Is it the Eclipse script or something for another movie? Rob’s a busy boy! Please tell me he has some of his own stuff for the New Moon soundtrack on that CD.

Stop the mother freakin’ presses. Rob isn’t wearing the Nike’s. He got a new pair of shoes! I mean, they still look like they came from the discount bin at the Goodwill, but they are new to him!

I’m liking this outfit on him. Pastel with plaid wouldn’t look as good on anyone else.

See the sexy gallery of the rest of the pictures at Just Jared Jr

More Pictures From New Moon Cast Party In Vancouver

Vancity Allie has blogged about seeing the cast at the Vancouver restaurant where the New Moon/Eclipse cast party took place. She managed to get a ton of good pictures, and even has a picture of Rob with the possible Eclipse script!

First up, Rachelle LeFevre arrived, looking gorgeous as always.

You know what she makes me think of? Ariel from The Little Mermaid come to life. She is stunning.

David Slade was spotted heading inside the restaurant later that night. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet. I heard about the radio show debacle he was a part of, but he apologized directly to the fans through the Lexicon, so now I’m more like, “Eh.” We’ll see.

Finally, the hotness we’ve all been waiting for. Vancity Allie says,

Rob spent a LOT of time outside on the patio with Kristen. Charlie Bewley and Ashley Greene would join them from time to time, but they surprisingly spent a lot of time sitting very close together in the corner of the patio smoking for most of the night. This is not some “gossip site” making it up… I saw it with my own eyes.

Hmmmm. Do Kristen and Rob have something to tell us? Here’s a picture of him smoking. Note the giant rolled up script(?) in his pocket.

Here’s another pic of Rob leaving and getting into the limo. You can see his ass…I mean the “script” better.

If that really is the script, good for David Slade getting everyone prepared as early as he can. Very organized. I approve. Since I know he’s done bloody vampire movies before, I’m looking forward to the big showdown at the end of Eclipse. That’s going to be something to see.

Check out Vancity Allie’s blog to see the rest of the pictures of the cast (including some of the Volturi) and read her account of meeting them.

Kristen and Rob Have Dinner In Vancouver

OK, so the rest of the cast, plus Stephanie was there too, but according to some tweets from Lainey Gossip, they headed over to the restaurant together and left together at about 3 am.

(Thanks to New Moon Movie for the screen cap of the tweets )

Socialite Life has a very cute picture of Kristen and Rob in the limo on the way home and their legs are intertwined. Do they love each other? Yes, I think they do!

Apparently this was a cast dinner to meet with David Slade, the director for the next movie in the saga, Eclipse. Stephenie Meyer also showed up, and here she is signing a book for a very brave unicorn (a guy who likes Twilight, nicknamed “unicorns” since they are mythical creatures rarely spotted in the wild).

That unicorn looks high, right? That’s probably why he had the nerve to walk up to her with his copies of the books in public. I don’t even know if Jeremy would do that.