Woman Finds New Moon Scrpit In Trash, Returns To Summit

 This is the most bizarre story ever. Apparently this women was just hanging around outside a hotel in St.Louis earlier today and saw two scripts in the trash. She picked them up and saw they were scripts for New Moon and another movie titled Memoirs. Her lawyers says she considered selling them to the tabloids for a hot second, but then decided to do the right thing and send them back to Summit.

Hey, at least she was honest about wanting the money. I honestly don’t know what I would have done in that situation. I can’t see myself selling it to the tabloids, but I can see myself keeping it.

If that had been me, and I just happened to look down in some random trash can and the script for New Moon was laying there, I would pick it up and cradle it to my chest, like how you hold a baby, and I would run all the way home, cackling with delight. Once I got there I would lock myself in my room for days, and not speak to anyone and only leave for bathroom breaks and I would read that thing cover to cover. Then I would probably find someway to make a copy of every single page to keep forever. Then and only then, I MIGHT consider giving the original back to Summit.

Since she decided to be such a nice person, Summit invited her to the premiere of both movies. That’s nice of them and everything, but hey Summit, share the wealth. I would absolutely adore it if I got to attend the premiere of New Moon. I mean, I give y’all free publicity by promoting the movies here like, every day. Plus, it would mean more hits for my blog. I’ve been scratching y’alls back for a few months, now it’s y’alls turn. If you’re going to be so free with New Moon passes, you could send 2 or more like 5 my way. I know a few other people that would love to go with me.  

I wonder how the script ended up in the trash? Anna Kendrick was staying at the hotel where the scripts where found, but her rep was quick to say that she never would have left the script laying around like that. I totally believe that too. With the near rabid excitement over this movie, those scripts are meant to be kept under lock and key at all times. Maybe someone mistook them for trash? I don’t know how it could have possibly happened. Someone is probably in a shitload of trouble though.


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