Oh, How I Wish I Was A Vampire

If you haven’t read the entire series yet, spoilers ahead!

When I read the Twilight saga for the first time, I found myself a little frustrated by Edward’s reluctance to turn Bella. I was completely on her side  throughout the entire series when she wanted to become a vampire.

It just made sense on so many levels. As a vampire, Bella would be relatively safe from all the harm from other vampires she was subject to as a human. Victoria would have had a way harder time trying to kill her, that’s for sure. The Volturi also couldn’t have had a problem with Bella knowing about the vampires, since she would actually be one of them. The most important reason, to me, was that if Bella was a vampire she and Edward could be together for, literally, forever. That was basically the only reason I needed to understand why Bella wanted to become one so desperately. When she finally got her wish (although I hated the way it happened), I was triumphant,  even though I knew it was the main conflict of the series and this happening meant it was over.

 Since reading Twilight, I’ve realized how many of my personal life problems wouldn’t even be an issue if I were one of the Cullen’s. No money for fun stuff? No problem, the Cullens are rich beyond my wildest imagination, so that would be no issue. In fact, having an unlimited amount of money with the smarts to always earn more would solve a LOT of problems.

Need to lose a few (more like 30) pounds? That’s cool, because as a vampire, you are instantly turned into the hottest version of yourself, and no more wondering how many calories are in your favorite sweets. You only need to consume cone thing to live, and that’s blood. As a vampire, you can’t get fat since you stay at peak physical condition, so exercising (which you wouldn’t even need to do for reasons other than recreation) would be no hardship.

I get frustrated when I have tons to do yet I need to sleep. What could I do with all that extra time that not needing sleep would free up? I might end up spending it like Emmett and Rosalie (heh heh) or like Edward or Carlisle, studying every possible topic in the world and earning several fancy degrees. Either way would be pretty productive.

Being a vampire just sounds pretty freakin’ awesome to me. Never getting sick, staying young and healthy with the ones you love forever, it’s a sweet deal all around.  Thanks to kdgrimmer from the hilarious blog I Love Mythical Creatures and All Things Twilight! for this totally adorable comic she posted on Friday.

Yeah, that’s totally me.

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  1. […] Whitley created an interesting post today on Oh, How I Wish I Was A Vampire « Twilog :: Yet Another Twilight BlogHere’s a short outlineThe most important reason, to me, was that if Bella was a vampire she and Edward could be together for, literally, forever. That was basically the only reason I needed to understand why Bella wanted to become one so desperately. … […]

  2. omg! i am totally with you 100%! i wanted Edward to turn Bella from the beginning, for the main reason of being together forever. i always thought it was messed up that edward thought she just wanted him to turn her so that she would be immortal.

    ps…you totally mentioned me! thanks!! hehe I am feeling all special and warm and fuzzy!! for realz! i so love that comic…i have that convo almost everyday!! LOL

    • I loved that comic so much, it’s so classic. I read your blog everyday! Thanks for being so awesome 🙂

      • girl! thank YOU for being awesome!! you are a way better blogger than me! =D email me sometime and we can BS back and forth. =D kd.grimmer@hotmail.com

      • I certainly will do! Keep on being so great!

  3. god i love twilight so much that i wish i was in new moon so bad and i wish i was a vampire! and by the way i am like 12

  4. hey omg i love twilight i jus really hope that stephenie meyer finishes the 5th book of the twilight saga because the New Moon book the last to words “The End” made me cry so muchi guess that i just took it powerful



  5. Sorry, don’t mind me, my name is Marie. I am a great big fan of vampires.
    I think it would be ace if vampires existed. Unless your one? Hehe. I do have a certain fanticy about them hehe…. This site is well cool.

    • Thanks Marie! I think vampires are pretty awesome too. Come join us over on our new site twilog.net, where all our new posts and photos can be seen.

  6. You have a good point. I know what your trying to say but then again I don’t agree with it. If Edward had turned Bella into a vampire from the start, the rest of the Saga wouldn’t have had any great ideas or things happening. If he had turned her into a vampire from the start there probably would of only been three books tops. I mean, no one really wants to keep on reading about Bella trying controlling herself for FOUR books straight. Plus if Edward turned her into a vampire right in the beginning, there would of never been a Renesme ^^

    • I agree with you on all that, but I’m not really a fan of the whole Breaking Dawn and Renesmee thing. There’s nothing wrong with the book per say, I just wish he had turned her in a more romantic way, that’s all.


    im reading new moon now 😀


    i Love IT!….i cried when edward broke up with bella 😛

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