Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!

Y’all, the sexiest man on earth turns 23 today. Let’s all take a moment of silence today to thank whatever deity you believe in for giving us such a shining example of pure sexiness. Thanks to Rob’s mom too. Without her, Rob wouldn’t be here, and I for one really appreciate what she went through so we could all enjoy Rob’s numerous talents (that sounds dirty, but I didn’t mean it to be. My mind is not in the gutter for once).

To celebrate, watch this awesome youtube video about Rob:

and if you have a Twitter account, you can participate in something called “pounding” (NOW my mind is there) and help make Rob the number one discussed thing on Twitter today. You can read more about this important movement over at Random Acts Of Rob. I can’t help since I don’t have Twitter (yet), but I will be following this all day. Have fun pounding Rob, all you dirty sluts!

I hope Rob has a good day today, and that he isn’t TOO hung over tomorrow!


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