Dude, No. Just No.

I barely know what to say about this. This is Rob’s face after hearing the song Justin Guarini (who? Yeah, I know) wants added to the New Moon soundtrack.

I don’t even-I just-all I can say is, “No. No, dude with the funky fro from the FIRST fucking season of American Idol like a bizzilion years ago.” Honestly, way to try to latch on to the hot topic in the Hollywood right now to get your name back in the news.

Ok, I’m probably being a little harsh. It’s not that this is a BAD song, per say. It just doesn’t pass the bar set by the last soundtrack for the Twilight movie. I know I’m probably in the minority, but I found something to love about every single song on the Twilight soundtrack. I liked that the music they chose wasn’t by any bands or singers that are on the top 40 radio stations. When the music started playing in the movie scenes, it didn’t jolt you out of the movie by making you think, “Oh, that’s a Kelly Clarkson/Madonna/Jonas Brothers song.” You just thought, “Oh that’s an awesome/haunting/beautiful song.” and were able to stay in the story. The only time I recognized any of the music was during the baseball scene and I think you were meant to, since all fans of the series know that Muse was a major inspiration for Stephanie as she was writing.

So please, Summit. Do the right thing and tell this fool, “Thanks, but no thanks. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” or however you want to put it to him. Ooh, Β I know! Just tell him that all the room on the soundtrack for ballads is already taken by Rob’s songs that he and all his talented friends wrote for the movie. That’s someone the fans DEFINITELY want to hear more from.



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  2. I have never agreed with another human more than I agree with you right now!

    I don’t think we have a lot to worry about, even Summit knows, that would be the epitome of FRICKIN’ UNCOOL to put Justin Guarini on a soundtrack.

    Who the hell does that?

    • Exactly. I knew I wasn’t alone in thinking this. I will be totally shocked if they put him on the soundtrack, I just can’t see it.

  3. I refuse to even listen to that douche-hat’s effing song. Because I already know it’s going to S-U-C-K. Give it up dude; your fifteen minutes are OVER (and I don’t think you deserved them in the first place).

    You are SO right here – I hope that they put together a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that really makes you FEEL the pain and loss that the characters are dealing with in NM. It had better make me want to sob or I am going to be pissed!

    You’ve been warned, Summit – don’t screw the pooch on this one!!!

    • I wish I had never heard it, because I knew it was going to (and I’m borrowing a term from Jeremy here) blow donkey balls. It’s just not Twilight material. AT.ALL.

      I was so glad to see you guys on Twitter! I’m totally following y’all πŸ™‚

      • Blow donkey balls? Hmmm…I love when someone turns a phrase and I instantly wish I HAD SAID IT

        Well, I will just have to steal it…

      • Go right ahead. Jeremy will love it πŸ™‚ Feel free to use the phrase “donkey balls” anytime you feel it’s appropriate!

  4. I listened to about two seconds of it. HELL NO.

    I loved the fact that I didn’t know any of the songs in the movie! But now? I have them on my computers, my Ipod and multiple cd’s.

    • Oh yeah. I had never heard of any of those people (except Collective Soul) and now I listen to them everywhere! I can’t pick what my favorite song is.

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