Rob Pattinson’s Birthday Party

Rob and a few members of the New Moon cast celebrated Rob’s 23rd birthday last night at Vancouver after a full day of shooting. They had dinner at one of the cast’s favorite local restaurants, Glowball Grill and Statay Bar and left about 1 in the morning. Rob stopped on his way to the car to take pictures with fans, but was annoyed by the paparazzi taking photos of him.

What the hell were they doing? You don’t make Rob mad on his mother freakin’ birthday! Am I going to have to make a Chris Crocker-like video proclaiming,”Leave Robert Pattinson alone!”? (Oh wait, it’s already been done several times but this is my favorite.)

I don’t want to post the pictures of him covering his face because that makes me feel icky, and I shouldn’t feel that way when I’m looking at a picture of the hotness himself. Instead, here are a few pics of him looking goofy (he was probably drunk) while he was leaving the restaurant and posing with fans.

Has Rob changed his pants all week? No? Ok, just checking.

I’m just going to say something. If I ever meet Rob (fingers crossed!) and I’m lucky enough to take a picture with him, I really hope he doesn’t make a face like this. I mean, he still looks hot and all, but if I ever get such a picture, I will look at it every. day. for the rest of my life. I think I would rather have a picture where he’s looking like this rather then the goofy drunk face above (because you can tell, he was definitely drunk).

I’m glad it seems like Robert had fun last night (aside from the asshole paparazzi). I hope he’s not too hung over for work today, but who knows. If he’s doing any Edward-is-a-tortured-soul-scenes today, it could help in his performance.

Check out the slideshow of pictures here.


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