Another Site Announcement

Image via fanpop

So it’s slow going on Jeremy is working on it in his spare time (which he doesn’t have much of) and I’m hoping we can get it up and running soon.

I was thinking about the new site earlier as I was walking around the important and the Twilight soundtrack blared from my Ipod. Jeremy wants to move everything over to a blog we can actually put ads on so that writing the blog can be my job.

Did you catch that? He’s actually giving me an excuse to constantly look up Twilight/Rob Pattinson stuff online all day, obsessively scrutinize paparazzi pictures of the cast taken on errands, think of new adventures for Mini Edward and demand all the cool Twilight merch (like that mousepad pictured above. Even though I have a laptop, I still want that) instead of doing my share of the chores and just generally being a productive member of society.

I can’t explain how happy this makes me! It’s always been my dream to write for a living and since I learned how, I’ve filled up numerous journals and spiral notebooks writing down my personal thoughts or observations about everything. And now that there’s a chance that I might have a chance to support myself doing the most fun thing in the world to me (writing my thoughts and feelings about all things Twilight), I’m super excited.

I will be keeping you guys updated as things progress and probably asking your opinion on how the site should look and other shiz like that. We will also hold our very first contest soon after we launch, as a thank you to all of you who have been with us since the beginning.

Stay tuned!