*Poster will be back at 7am so we can be fair to Summit*

It’s back!

I completely love this. Taylor looks so grown up! Dare I say, he actually looks like a worthy opponent for someone on Rob’s level. I also love how Edward is looking back (symbolism and foreshadowing!). The rust colored tint to the background really makes it stand out.

According to New Moon Movie, the poster leaked early because someone at the Washington Times uploaded the story with the accompanying image of the poster before they were supposed to, which was meant to be at 7am EST. They quickly took it down, but it was too late. Now it’s flying all over the Twilight fandom faster than anything I’ve seen before.

Just a reminder, pick up a paper in the morning so you can have a personal copy of this. I think I’m getting 2 or 3.

New Moon Clip and Poster Coming Soon

According to E! News!, we don’t have to wait long to get a glimpse of the New Moon movie. R Pattz, K Stew and Taylor Lautner (he doesn’t have a cute little nickname yet) will be at the MTV Movie Awards on May 31st to debut a minute long clip from New Moon.

This is super exciting news! I can’t wait to watch the show, which I was planning on watching anyway to see Twilight win some awards. I’m hoping Rob and Kristen win for best kiss. THAT will be one adorable/awkward acceptance speech! It would be prefect to top off the New Moon clip with a cute moment from Robsten.  

Next, and this is even more important since it’s happening sooner, an official New Moon poster from Summit will be in newspapers around the country TOMORROW! This will be the first time I buy a major newspaper for myself! I feel so grown up.

To those of you in other countries, don’t worry. Digital copies will be circulating early in the morning, and they will be all over your favorite Twilight blogs (including us!) tomorrow. I’m pretty stoked for this too. I wonder what it’s going to look like? Will it be just Bella and Jacob, or will Edward be on there somewhere too?

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Rob In France (May 18, 2009)

There’s a lot going on today. I predict tons of posts because Twi-news is coming faster than I can type.

So about 5 seconds after I posted the pictures of Rob leaving Vancouver, I get on twitter to find he’s already arrived in France and there are pictures. Of course, I went to check them out and my crush on Rob has just been multiplied about 1000 times.

Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. Chest hair.

 Look at his chest hair. I don’t know about you, but that is on list of the top 5 sexiest things I have ever seen. Chest hair (on a guy only. Let me be clear) is like a secret weakness of mine. I like a lot of hair on a guy (excpet on the back, that shit is nast) and I don’t know why. I know it’s weird, and I feel weird about it, but I can’t help it.

So know that you know my strange preference, you have an idea of how delighted I was when I went to the link that Twi Fans provided and saw the picture above, supersized on my screen. Rob’s chest was nearly life sized and I got a good look at all the hair. I was in heaven.

At the Twifans link, there are a lot more pictures, but they are huge and it took me forever to resize that one, plus, I think these need to be seen in the biggest size possible.

Stay tuned for more Rob in France.

Rob Done Filming In Vancouver, Headed to Cannes (May 18, 2009)

I went to bed last night anticipating today, all because these pictures were going to hit the Internet. I needed a Rob fix BAD.

These were taken at the Vancouver airport as Rob was catching his flight to France. Lainey Gossip has a decent amount of pictures and you can see them all at the link, but here are some of my favorites.

I’m thinking Rob STILL hasn’t changed his pants. That’s ok though. They’re a hot pair of pants. I spent way too long staring at them in the second picture.

Now I’m eagerly awaiting Rob at Cannes. Pictures and interviews are headed our way soon.