Ro-bear In Cannes, First Day Wrap Up

Rob was spotted many times today at the Cannes Film Festival (can we just start calling this the Rob festival, because that’s all anyone cares about. Who else is even there?), and I decided to wait until the end of the day so I can get it all down in one post. First Rob left his hotel and had the photoshoot I wrote about twice earlier.

Then he was on Le Grand Journal, a French show Rob was interviewed on today. You can find the show here, and Rob appears in Part (or Partie, as the French say, which made me giggle for no reason at all) 2, and at about 8 minutes in he appears.  

Finally, here are more pictures taken of Rob all throughout the day. There are some on a beach and some where he’s getting out of a car wearing glasses that make him look like a sexy dinosaur (yeah, I don’t know what made me think that, I just do. He reminds me of a velociraptor from Jurassic Park in those pictures).

Enjoy! Let’s all hope tomorow is just as fruitful in Ro-bear-ness. (Oh yeah, I’m going to call him Ro-bear until he leaves Cannes. Fun times for everyone!)

These pictures are via Robsessed, who sourced to Socialite Life.

Licking his sexy lips

Licking his sexy lips

The next pictures are from x17.

It was this picture that made me think of dinosaurs, I think

To see the rest of the pictures and in full size, follow the links above.

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